Best Iftar in Dubai for This Ramadan

5 Best Iftar in Dubai for This Ramadan 2024

As we are halfway through the month of Ramadan, we have seen how Dubai has come alive with its spiritual atmosphere. It is time we connect with our loved ones on a spiritual journey, cleansing our mind, body and soul and also looking at life differently. But with that comes the matter of breaking fast, which can seem to be a bit of a maze. Now, people are looking out for trending and best Iftar in Dubai options to break their fast with their loved ones. 

From a plethora of options ranging in traditional Arabic cuisine to international delicacies, choosing the perfect iftar spot is a big deal now. Dubai brings out some of the most appealing Ramadan Iftar buffets that will make you go wow. For that, we have curated the ultimate iftar guide to help you navigate a wonderful culinary experience in Dubai during Ramadan. 

The Best Iftar to Try in Dubai This Ramadan 

Let us find out the five Best places for iftar in Dubai for this Ramadan 2024. 

Asateer Tent 

Atlantis the Palm

If you are looking for a glittering skyline view, and a very beautiful vibe, with lights, traditional decor, a tent a styled setting, this is your go-to place. In 2024, this has become bigger than ever, in terms of decor, variety of cuisine to pick from and rotational theme in the menu.

The seafront has both indoor and outdoor options, with a buffet setup, so you can try out a fusion buffet. These dishes include Gulf, International, Persian and even Jordanian. From mouth-melting Kunafas to chocolate fountains, date trees, Hareesa, fried items, to exotic dishes, your tastebuds will blow away. The tents have a seating capacity of around 1400 guests per night, and it is always full. You have to book in advance to make your reservation, especially if you are planning to go in groups. 

Dubai World Trade Center

This has to be the longest, the most-running Ramadan Majlis, conducted almost every year at the World Trade Center. It features a huge space and has three different Iftar areas, a prayer room, as well as a kid’s room. Here, you can dive into the culinary experience of traditional Arabic cuisine, with a live cooking station as well. Indeed, this has to be one of the most loved, and best iftar buffets in Dubai 2024.

Dubai World Trade Center

Guests have the option to add their sauce, and other exciting flavours at the cooking station for a personalised menu. This again is a buffet setup with an International selection, from pasta, rolls, and kebabs, to sushi, sweets and more. For Emiratis, there is a dedicated section, where the guests can simply delve into the local cuisine, and relish the authentic chef’s special pudding. 

Zabeel Iftar Tent

Marriott Hotel, Al Jaddaf

Expect a very generous buffet this Ramadan 2024, at Marriott Hotel, Al Jaddaf. Enjoy a magical evening in the Zabeel ballroom, where the cuisine is inspired by the Arabian nights. The colourful ambience and positive setting await your presence, so you and your loved ones can spend quality time together.

Zabeel Iftar Tent

This is the best iftar buffet in Dubai showcases both local and international cuisines, curated by the chef, Alaa Moustafa. Here, guests will be tempted by the options of fish, kabsa, daoud, roasted lamb, and sweet savours. If you wish to take the iftar at home, they also have the option to take it away. With family, or with your dear ones, gather here and feast on the roasted lamb ouzi serving 10 to 12 people, and leg ouzi serving five to 6 people. Orders to take away can be made 48 hours in advance, however eating in the restaurant will add magic to your moments, and is highly recommended. 

Rang Mahal Iftar

JW Marriott Marquis Hotel Dubai

Tucked right in the Downtown district, soaring above Sheikh Zayed Road, this is a five-star hotel that gives the ultimate iftar experience. Guests can indulge in the rich selection of hot and cold cuisines, traditional Indian delicacies, and vegetarian options as well. This year, you can celebrate Ramadan in style at this award-winning restaurant.

Rang Mahal Iftar

You have the option to pick from indoor, as well as outdoor dining, and relish the rich flavours of India that will suffice your tastebuds. If you are longing for authentic Indian food, for the best iftar in Dubai 2024 experience, you can try Rang Mahal. In the end, you can end your sweet cravings as well.  The display will be full of assorted chocolates, pastries, kunafa, baklava and much more to dive into. 

Garden Oasis at Arabian Courtyard 

One & Only Royal Mirage Palace, Dubai Marina

For an authentic Levantine Ramadan iftar experience in Dubai, Garden Oasis at Arabian Courtyard is the best option to pick. Embark on an ultimate iftar journey at this address, that showcases the best buffet, and platter to try out. They have a comprehensive buffet that takes you through diversified tastes like Lebanese, Turkish, Syrian, as well as Jordanian dishes too. The mezze platters, and flavorful dishes, will entice your taste buds, and indeed add the best moments to cherish for life. One of the most interesting parts about this place is its live station, for guests to try freshly cooked food, just the way they like. You will also love the Arabian-inspired decor, where guests can enjoy the lively, and entertaining vibes, and immerse themselves in a cultural affair. 

Delight your Taste Buds With Iftar Buffet in Dubai 

Now that we have given you the list of the best iftar in Dubai 2024, what are you waiting for? Do your research and find out which aesthetic, interiors, cuisine, and vibes match yours the most. Take your friends, loved ones, and family along the culinary journey in Dubai and have the best time together. This Ramadan, try to do something new and unique and indulge in International flavours that you have never tried before. 

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