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Dubai is a beautiful city, popular amongst the other emirates of the UAE! This glorious metropolitan is built on the Arabian Desert, an ideal paradise for tourists. The city has been ranked as the top tourist destination with millions of visitors in the year 2023! The towering skyscrapers, luxury apartments, beautiful night markets, and warm weather have made it a one-stop destination! 

It has also ranked the title for many Guinness Book of World Records, from the tallest hotel to the tallest tower, largest fountain, and much more. If you’re planning to visit Dubai and make it your ultimate vacation, you should know a few things. Do your research and discover illegal things in Dubai that you must avoid. Since we don’t know the culture and norms, we may do something that is legally allowed in our home country but is a strict no in Dubai. So, let’s find out. 

Illegal Things in Dubai for Foreigners to Avoid

Since you are new to this land, and you do not know anything about the cultural beliefs and acts that can hurt the sentiments of the country. Here is a quick guide for you to know what can add up to fines and penalties for you. There are a few things that are highly illegal in Dubai and strict laws are against it. So, what are you waiting for? Let us figure out a few things before you move to the city. 

  • Laser Pens

There are things made illegal in Dubai that one cannot imagine getting caught for, one of which is carrying laser pens. It is capable of trouble and causing harm to people and might have negative effects too. These devices can reach up to miles, confusing, and also pointing people around, which is offensive! There are chances of these objects causing confusion, dizziness, and sight issues as well, therefore making it an illegal activity to avoid. Dealers are strictly not allowed to sell it, and buyers must stay far away from the thought of it. 

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  • Drugs

UAE in general is very strict when it comes to narcotic drugs! It is illegal with regards to the possession, as well as the usage of these drugs! The city has dealt with many issues that have been caused by illicit usage, and in light of reducing crimes and making it a safe abode, strict charges are taken against the people! UAE believes that the drugs and their effect on people after using them has been severe, and thus has a zero-tolerance policy. There are strict actions against the possession, export, import, and transport of such illegal possession.

  • Fireworks

If you are wondering, what is illegal in Dubai for tourists, you will be surprised to know this one. Not anyone can sell fireworks, and or make use of them for personal use be it a wedding, function, or event! Fireworks can cause mishaps, as well as create noise, pollution, and disturbance to the people around, which the city doesn’t entertain! If a person is caught selling it or buying it, they can be jailed for more than 6 months or given a huge fine! The government doesn’t give protection to those who put themselves at unnecessary risks making such acts illegal to prevent untimely injuries.

  • Gambling Tools

The city has made gambling, illegal things in Dubai since it is against Islamic laws! It is a religious belief and a cultural taboo for people who are involved in such activity, they are considered of doing a ‘Haraam’ act. Gambling, be it in any form, or even advertising is considered to be offensive, and illegal according to the federal law of the city! Those caught being involved in such acts can be fined, or imprisoned as well. This is an important thing to focus on, and it is an illegal thing in Dubai to not do for tourists. 

  • Endangered Animal 

You may find the import and export of endangered animals to be illegal in almost every country. Being endangered, the government is trying to protect the animals from going extinct. Removing them from their habitat, to shift them into a different place can trouble their health and well-being. Therefore, there are strict laws against those who are doing activities in such business! 

Dubai is home to some of the most endangered animals in the world like spiny-tailed lizards, hawksbill turtles even leopards and Tahr. UAE is trying all the measures to safeguard these animals and take good care of their breeding. If anyone is going against this, there are strict fines, penalties, and even jail time that you can expect

  • Illegal satellite dish

If you are caught installing an illegal satellite dish it is a punishable offence and an act of crime in UAE. The city is very serious in terms of what should be telecasted on television for the public, and various channels and sites are being blocked. If you are found illegally browsing channels, you will be fined and jailed as well. Respecting cultural practices is very important whenever you’re visiting a new country! Even if it is normal for you to do it in your own country, it might be extraordinary or highly unfamiliar. Installing cable dishes is normal, but the UAE doesn’t support such acts, since they have laws related to browsing or watching television. 

Things to Keep in Mind Now

Whenever you plan to visit a new country, be it for leisure, vacation, work purposes, or business, you must know what is legal and illegal. If you don’t know Dubai laws, you may find yourself caught up in a big mess accidentally. Nobody wants to pay fines or get caught up in jail for doing something they weren’t aware of. So, now that you know what is rightful and what are the illegal things in Dubai that you should avoid, hope this article has helped you. This information intends to make you aware of all the things you should be at a distance with. Lastly, enjoy your epic trip to this wonderland, and make lasting memories. 

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