4 Best Vietnamese Restaurant in Dubai

 4 Best Vietnamese Restaurant in Dubai To Try and Taste the Authentic Flavours

Undoubtedly, Vietnam is a beautiful destination, and so is the food there. The fresh and vibrant location is known for its incredible dishes, delicious recipes that not only look appealing, but taste too good to be true. Living in Dubai, you might always be curious to try out new cuisines from around the world. Or it can be that you’re from Vietnam and it has been too long since you have tried eating your authentic local food. 

But, to burst the bubble, a city like Dubai can let you explore the authentic flavours of Vietnam just the way you have desired or cravings for it. If you’re looking for the best Vietnamese restaurant in Dubai that offers dishes that are rich and considered quite healthy, you’ll want to focus on establishments that prioritise fresh ingredients, light cooking methods, and traditional Vietnamese flavours. If that’s the case ,we have the list just curated for you. Let’s dive into it. 

The Best Vietnamese Restaurant in Dubai

Looking for good Vietnamese food in Dubai? This list is for you.

Vietnamese Foodies

Vietnamese Foodies is a family run restaurant with its cooking inspired from the vibrance of the city ofSaigon, leaving you feel like home. They bring the tastiest, best, healthy, and most nutritionist platter on the table, created by Chef Lily Hoa Nguyen. This award winning restaurant has a total of five branches inDubai, offering dishes like Pho, Banh Mi and Goi Cuon (rice paper rolls) and a lot more.

These dishes are not only tempting but very affordable, considering its authenticity and taste. Abundance of flavours, andherbs is what adds magic to the taste of each dish that is presented, keeping in mind your vegan, keto, dairy-free and gluten-free needs too. There are some healthy dishes that are made in water instead of oil, with classic technique to entice your taste buds. This is indeed number one on the list for being the best Vietnamese restaurant in Dubai. 

Hoi An Restaurant 

The platter of Hoi An Restaurant, best vietnam restaurant Dubai is as colourful and vibrant as modern Vietnam. The kitchen is entirely Vietnamese, offering a blend of authentic, and complex flavours, coming right from the land of the blue dragon. There is also a concept of brunch experience ideally for guests to visit on the weekend with their group and make the most of their time.

 While exploring the menu, you will find modern and authentic dishes like Peking duck, Dim Sum, wok fried fish, beef, pandan sago, toffee banana and a lot more. Not only are these mouths watering, but truly hard to resist the moment you step into the restaurant. The whole vibe is aesthetically pleasing, and soothing, like you have entered the streets of Vietnam. The aroma of the food itself is quite inviting, you will want to visit the restaurant just as you pass by. The best part is, it will teleport you to the era of Blue Dragon, and at such affordable pricing.


Rated pretty good on the internet, with an amazing set of reviews, this restaurant is said to be the best serving Southeast Asian home-style cooking in Dubai. Their menu is inspired by all the comfort food,as well as the classic Vietnamese cuisine that you have been looking for so long. With the use of authentic spices, cooking techniques, and homestyle touch, you will feel like tradition is in every bite you take. The atmosphere is pretty calm, cool and relaxed, with a vibe that is just as comforting as you have been wanting after a tiring day. The chef at Lao will take you on a gastronomic journey with his favourite recipes that will become your favourite too, as soon as you sight it on your platter. 

The best part about this restaurant is how they create a truly unforgettable dining experience for both the indoor staff, and the staff seating outside overlooking the Waldorf Astoria Dubai. There is even a creatively well designed private dining area, for intimate gathering, dinners, and parties. As interesting as the restaurant is, the menu is flawless too, from signature tuna, wonton, back ribs BBQ, yuzu sauce, to roasted vegetables, chicken satay, and tuna tacos, there is everything for you. 

Vietnamese snack food cafe

Two things, Friendly and accommodating staff is what can make a difference in the restaurant that you visit. And, this interesting Vietnamese snack food cafe should be your top visit spot in JLT, Dubai. The traditional and authentic Vietnamese snack food is the commitment to its cultural recipe and flavours. You can sit outside near the lake, and enjoy the views. The ambiance of the location adds to the overall dining experience, providing a relaxing environment to savour your meal. 

You will love their signature dishes, from Beef and chicken salad, to Sizzling prawns, duck, bamboo noodles, and soup as well, the menu is varied. These dishes offer a tantalising glimpse into the diverse flavours of Vietnamese cuisine. You will be surprised to know that the restaurant has been functioning since 2000, known for its reputation, as well as epic culinary scene. Whether you’re craving a hot bowl of Pho or indulging in flavorful salads and sizzling prawns, no doubt this restaurant will fulfil all your craving, giving you the best of the taste in the platter.  

Restaurants to Try in Dubai

Which is the best restaurant in Dubai? Now you know the answer. Overall, it seems like you’ve discovered some fantastic spots for enjoying Vietnamese food. Sometimes, we are genuinely in the mood to try something authentic and unique. And when inDubai, there is no need to fear, because the city has it all for you. Now the search for the best vietnamese restaurant in Dubai ends here. Hope this guide will help you land to the ideal restaurant that will give you the taste just like you crave.

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