Best Cinemas in Dubai

6 Best Cinemas in Dubai for an Epic Movie Experience

Have you ever sat comfortably in a cinema binge-watching a movie, wearing a blanket, and almost on the verge of dozing off? Well, this doesn’t happen in every cinema, but some. Dubai the city is already known for its extravaganza lifestyle and super fancy things. It also hosts some incredible, and luxurious cinemas, that are known for its big screen, reclining seats, butlers, sushi, blankets, and more. 

It is a whole world of luxury that awaits your presence, with top-quality food, and a personalized experience, that will make you go crazy. Here, we have curated the best of the best cinemas in Dubai, where you can snuggle in the blanket, hug your cushions, and have it all. If you are a movie lover, who can not compromise on their movie-watching experience, this guide is just for you. 

The Michelin Guide to Dubai’s Best Indian Restaurant

Here is a list of Dubai’s best Indian restaurants discovered by Michelin guide inspectors. This guide will help you find the hidden gem of a dining spot across the city that you should add to your go-to list. 

Trèsind Studio

The Palm Jumeirah, Dubai

This is one of Dubai’s most highly acclaimed restaurants, located at a renowned spot at The St Regis. Tresind Studio is an offshoot spot, offering a unique theme, and an intimate dining experience. 

The essence of Indian flavours and ingredients are added to all of their dishes to stay true to its name. The restaurant offers a multi-course tasting menu curated by talented chefs who are known to delight your taste buds and enhance your culinary experience as well. With the stunning backdrop of the palm, this luxurious setting adds to the perks of visiting this highly-rated restaurant in Dubai.

Trèsind Studio

Being limited to only 20 seats here, and a rooftop location, you will feel you are living a secret life here. Your jaw will drop looking at the most creative menu, from decorated chaats to samosas, kebabs, bold flavours of biryani and curries, to flavorful Kulfis. 

Indya by Vineet 

Dubai Marina 

The brainchild of the most talked about Michelin-starred chef Vineet Bhatia, Indya by Vineet is an Upbeat Indian restaurant. Get yourself immersed in the exciting modern Indian flavours, with a twist. The menu is eclectic, with top mixology and fancy decors to top it all. The ingredients and flavours will tantalise your taste buds, and every dish here tells a story. New and fresh ingredients meet with the classical cooking style and bold presentation to make your time here worth it.

Indya by Vineet 

The menu has funky names, from Gulaabi paani puri, Quinoa Dahi Magnum, Samosa Pinwheels, Dil Jhoome Mazaa cocktail and more. The unexpected flavour combination is the highlight of the Michelin star restaurant, as well as the innovative takes on traditional street food. Vegetarian diners will find plenty of dishes to choose from, with a flavorful, juicy touch. 

The restaurant’s ambience is sleek, lively and stylish, ideally for casual meet-ups or special occasions. This one focuses on molecular gastronomy and progressive Indian cuisine, not witnessed anywhere in the city. It takes you on a tour of the traditional Indian flavours, with a touch of modern techniques and presentation. 


Sheikh Zayed Road – Trade Centre, Dubai

The Michelin restaurant in Dubai takes inspiration from the traditional flavours and food of the Silk Route. They cover cuisines from the Med to East Asia and have quickly become the most talked about hangout spot in the city. Bistro Aamara, located in the heart of Sheikh Zayed Road, provides a haven to guests with its savouring flavours, and cuisine.


Chef Ritwik Sarkar has crafted a menu that is diverse with a tempting fusion. The experience that you get here can not be compared anywhere else, with their globally built menu. Every bite you take will transport you to a journey, through the richness of the culture along the Silk route. 

Aamara prioritises the use of only seasonal ingredients, and fresh flavours, adding layers of depth to their dining experience. Their must-to-eat includes Muhammara, Butterfly prawns, finger-licking salads, and lettuce cream as well. The vibe of the restaurant is pretty exciting, giving you the right blend of modern fusion, and fun. 

Bombay Bungalow

JBR Walk – Dubai 

The restaurant in Dubai has a contemporary take on its traditional Indian cuisine, taking you on a tour of authenticity and culture with its flavours. From casual bites to fine dining, they have both and a decor that will make you go crazy. The restaurant has a lot of flavours to offer in abundance. The bold spices, and colours in every dish are what add magic to the look and feel of the dishes here.

Bombay Bungalow

And, to sum it all up with the splendid views, the aromas brought to you in every corner are what you will love the most. The interior is grand, speaking about royalty, where you can cherish every bit, taking bites of the homemade feast with your loved ones. The relaxed atmosphere gives you the space to hang out with your friends, family, and loved ones. 

The menu of Bombay Bungalow is vibrant, from street-inspired food to hearty curries, tandoor grills, and flavorful vegetarian options, there’s something to satisfy every palate. Their lip-smacking dishes are a sure reason why they have been mentioned in the Michelin Star Guide. You will adore every bit of your time at this classy Indian restaurant in Dubai. 

Entice Your Taste Buds with Flavorful Indian Cuisine 

The craze for Indian food in Dubai is a true testament to the culinary experience, the culture, spices, richness and appeal universally. Whether it is home-cooked comforting flavours, to exciting and trendy restaurants, you would get the joy of exploring and satisfying your tastebuds. The hearty palate shares a story of the history of India and these restaurants will indeed transport you there. 

This combination of exceptional food, cultural richness, and hospitality is what makes guests visit the restaurant again and again. Now that you know the best Indian restaurant in Dubai which is also mentioned in the Michelin Star Guide, what are you waiting for? Get your gang to one of these cool hangout spots, and immerse yourself in the aromatic flavours. 

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