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Becoming a Freelancer in UAE | Get your Freelance Visa Dubai

Anyone who wishes to move to the city of Dubai often finds flexibility in terms of coming and establishing themselves. Whether you think of building your business or working for a company, as a freelancer, or full-time, the options are many. You can pick from different sorts of visas, like freelancer visas, golden visas, employment visas, and so on. These freelance visa Dubai are given across various sectors like education, IT, marketing, media, and so on. It also gives freelancers the ability to live and earn in Dubai, without having any sort of sponsorship from the employers!

The rising popularity of the city is attracting people from around the world, and therefore UAE has come up with various initiatives in terms of visas. If you are a freelancer and wish to boom in a thriving economy, you will be happy to know that there is a freelancer visa too. This is one of the best options for self-employed individuals looking for a reliable source!

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What are the Benefits of being a Freelancer in Dubai? 

When you’re working as a freelancer, you work of your own will without being in charge or under the control of any employer! You can work for multiple companies at the same time, run your small business, and be your boss! There are multiple freelance visa jobs in Dubai that you can pick, and which can let you cover all your costs. Who doesn’t want to live in one of the safest cities in the world, and the idea of starting your freelancing journey here is a cherry on top? It is highly affordable, you get it at such a low price, which you can cover up in no time.

  • Self-managing your tasks as well as time management
  • Ability to handle multiple workloads by proper scheduling
  • Pursuing your Passion 
  • Be your Boss
  • Freedom to Travel Anywhere and Work from Anywhere
  • Securing UAE Residency
  • Not Being Dependent on Employers for the Visa
  • Sponsoring your Family
  • Find numerous assignments and jobs to pick from

Freelance Visa in Dubai and Their Requirement 

When you choose a freelancer visa, you are allowed to reside in the city and work independently. It also provides residency to the visa owner, and there are no strict professional background requirements for this. 

  • All you need is to match the eligibility criteria which are: 
  • Get a self-employed or freelancer permit from the MOHRE (Ministry of Human Resources and Emiratization)
  • You must qualify for at least a Bachelor’s degree or specialized diploma
  • The annual income must be a minimum of AED 360,000 through self-employment in the past two years
  • Or, you must prove that you’re financially stronger to stay in UAE
  • You must clear a fitness and medical test too 
  • You should not have a criminal record under your name

Documents needed: 

  • You must have a valid passport
  • Income Proof
  • Educational certification
  • Previous Visa Copies
  • Emirates ID
  • Updated CV

Application Process for Dubai Freelancer Visa 

Applying for a Freelance Permit and freelance visa in Dubai is not a tedious task anymore. You only need to follow a few steps and get your visa in hand, to get registered and licensed. However, there are different sectors in freelancing, if you choose academic, you need to submit academic qualifications, for the medical sector, you must have a sample of work to show, and the same goes for the tech sector. 

You can apply to gain your freelancer permit in the UAR through the “GoFreelance website” 

Choose the option Go Apply and then fill in all the details in the application form

Submit your required document to get your visa permit



-Visa Copy

-Recent photograph

No Objection Certification from Sponsor/Employer

Before you apply for the permit, you need a no-objection certification if you’re on a spouse visa or parent’s visa! Likewise, for those working as a full-time employee who owes a company visa, you will need NOC from your employer! This is only needed when you apply for the permit to attain a freelancer visa, and it isn’t applicable during the time of renewing your freelance visa in the UAE. 

Application Follow-up

Once you have submitted the online application, you will receive a confirmation notice of the approval. However, you need to be patient and wait for around 10 to 20 days to receive final confirmation. You can visit the business center located in many communities of the city, and then sign the document, along with paying the fees! Then, you will receive your freelance permit through an email.

Applying for the Visa

Now that you have received your freelance permit, you will get access to TECOM’s business service platform! This is a joint partnership with AXS and Dubai Development Authority (DDA), giving freelancers the chance to take benefits of government and corporate services. For now, you can take benefit of this platform by applying for the establishment card, which can be bought by paying for it. After receiving your establishment card, you can move further and apply for a freelance employment visa through DDA.  

Completing the Procedures

Once you’ve submitted your freelance visa Dubai application, it is time for you to receive your entry permit! The permit is usually given in five to seven working days and is valid for 60 days from the date of issue! You are required to follow up on certain residency visa processes, along with a medical test! After all the procedures are performed, you will get your residency permit stamped which will remain valid for three years. 

Take your Freelance Visa in Dubai Now 

 With a freelancing visa Dubai, you will have your way of navigating the jobs, switching, and scheduling your time. The country gives you access to a wide range of opportunities, and to build an international clientele, such that it keeps you working! Foreign professionals who want to make Dubai their home can think of freelance visas in Dubai and take benefit of it. So, before you pursue it, you must know all the benefits, and requirements that are neededto proceed with it.

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