Best Place for Couples in Dubai

The Best Place for Couples in Dubai to Add Magic to their Moments Together

Dubai is not only attracting thrillseekers and adventure enthusiasts, but it is also quite popular for out-of-the-world experiences. This city has a very soft side to it, a sweet romantic space for the love birds who want to see Dubai differently. We are all aware that the city has some breathtaking skyscrapers, entertainment, and luxury overloaded. The glamour and glitz are already something that we cherish, so here is what we have curated for you. Some best places for couples are in Dubai. From upscale dining, glamping in the desert, and hot air balloon rides, to theme park dates and so much more. This guide will indeed help you in finding the best catch, so let’s not wait any further and explore places to visit in Dubai for couples.

List of the Best Couple Spots in Dubai 

Every couple has a unique taste and preference, therefore we bring to you experiences that you all will cherish. Let us find out what suits you in this list of the best private places for couples in Dubai. 

Love Lake

Love Lake in dubai

This is one of the most romantic places for couples in Dubai. A hidden getaway spot that not many people know about, ideally for nature lovers, and couples seeking a tranquil and calm spot to wander around. Love Lake, also popularly known as Al Qudra Lake will teleport you to a whole new world, oozing nothing but beautiful sceneries in every corner. This is a man-made heart-shaped lake, with the design visible only from the top. It is perfect during sunset to catch the colour-changing sky, as well as of a lot of fish-feeding areas, and flamingoes to catch during your trip here. For a romantic day out, for a picnic, and even for camping, this is an ideal spot where you can spend quality time with your loved ones. 

Hot Air Balloon Adventure

Hot Air Balloon Adventure

We have all seen at least one video of a dreamy hot air balloon proposal, right in the middle of nowhere, flying on the top. It is not only romantic but also a thrilling experience to cherish with your partner. You can explore the vast deserts, dunes, and the tallest skyscrapers while flying above the city, adding magic to your moments. This is the latest experience, where you can fly 4000 feet above, in an intimate setting, a cute romantic spot, for the best time with your partner. You can also add a falconry show if you select a package that, however, is the best time to visit this early morning to catch the colours of the sky during sunrise. There is no better way to make your Duba experience fantastic with your partner, than adding all these activities to your list. 

Sunset Yacht Cruise

Sunset Yacht Cruise couple in dubai

Sunsets are something that has become a favourite time of the day for couples. No matter if it is a beach sunset, a mountain sunset or when you both are on a yacht. Witness a private yacht experience with your beloved one, and make it customised with balloons, roses, candles, and some romantic music to top it all. It is also the best place for romantic dinners in Dubai. Dubai is known for its cruises and yacht experience where you can rent it for some hours, sailing around Dubai Marina, seeing Ain Dubai, Blue Waters, and the shimmering towers of JLT. Rejuvenate, relax, and dance your heart out with your partner while on the cruise, having the best moments together. This can be a great surprise for your partner, when you decorate the yacht, and make it completely private for you both. 

Desert Safari Glamping

Desert Safari Glamping in dubai

If you have lived in Dubai for a long time, you have already experienced camping in the desert. But, what about glamping? It is a luxurious, more sophisticated way to experience living in the desert overnight with all sorts of amenities, and experiences. From stargazing in the night, to eating sumptuous three-course meals, sheesha, music, and interesting desert activities. It can also be considered the best dinner place for couples in Dubai. There is so much to relish, a popular attraction for couples to gaze at the stars together, lying close to each other. This has to be the best place for couples in Dubai because it makes you stay overnight with your partner, to make more memories and bond. This is indeed one of the dreamiest experiences to cherish in Dubai, that can add spark to your mood. You can further enjoy dune bashing, quad biking, camel riding, henna painting, and so on. 

Dubai Helicopter Ride

You can rent a helicopter for the day, or experience this for about half an hour, floating high above the city. This is indeed a truly exhilarating experience, definitely pretty expensive, but worth it when you see Burj Khalifa, Burj Al Arab, and Palm Jumeirah from the top. It can be the best time with your partner, when you both enjoy a little adventure side, riding in the helicopter and watching the city from an aerial point of view. It is not only exciting but truly a unique way to add romance amongst you two. When the rays of the sun hit the sky, and the skyscrapers, you will adore how the colour of the sky changes and adds brightness to your mood. This indeed is one of the best moments to cherish with your partner. 

Couples Day Out in Dubai

Now that you are aware of some best places for couples in Dubai, it is time to arrange an activity with your partner. All these things will help you make the memories last longer, and add fun bonding moments with your partner. You will also see a crazy side of your partner when you add all these exhilarating and exciting activities to your list. So what are you waiting for? Plan your day out in Dubai now. 

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