Fancy a Thrilling Experience? Explore the Best Places to Go Horse Riding In Dubai

Brace yourself, and discover this thrilling, action-packed, and energy-fueling horse-riding experience in Dubai! From kids to adults, for fun or quick learning, you’re going to have a time of your life.

Dubai is the epitome of luxury, with fancy hotels, skyscrapers, and some Guinness world records tucked around the city. But far away from the vibrant part of the city lies experiences that one must pursue. Away from the hustle and bustle, some things make you closer to nature, yet fuel up your adrenaline rush.  To blend with the culture of Emirati, or just for fun, horseback riding is an epic sport to try.

Horse Riding In Dubai

It is considered an important part of the culture, and thankfully many places within the city offer riding experiences. From the sandy desert rides to the beach rides, you pick what excites you! Here, we have scoured the city for you to get the best places for horse riding in Dubai, and the reason to choose them.

The Best Places to Experience:

Sporting activities keep your body energised, and active if you add it to your daily life. Horse riding in Dubai deserts is indeed proven to be an excellent way to keep yourself fit and have some fun out of it too. Let’s find out what this city of gold has in store for the thrill seeker in you.

Hone your Skills at Dubai Polo & Equestrian Club

Whether you’re a new bee or a professional rider, you will feel at home when you come here! Tucked alongside an idyllic setting lies Dubai Polo & Equestrian Club, a quiet address to ride around the desert! If you’re beginning your riding experience, or honing up your skills, the right facilities, and training will turn you professional in no time.

Best Places to Go Horse Riding In Dubai

The club has more than 300 horses, all well-fed, groomed, and trained, for the safety of you and the horses. For aspiring sportspersons, this place is a haven, where you can catch up with your friends to have fun around, and make your day memorable. There are lessons for beginners, as well as advanced options, plus an add-on polo lesson can be a cherry on top.

Price for adults starting: AED 240

One of a Kind Experience at Bab Al Shams, Dubai

If you’re a luxury seeker and want to make your Dubai horse riding experience one of a kind, Bab Al Shams is your spot! Elevate your riding journey, and cherish sophistication and style at this riding centre, curated with high-end equipment and trainers. Here, every ride embodies the epitome of satisfaction and also lets you witness the beauty of the Arabian desert around you.

The routes for riding are carefully scouted, and taken care of by expert handlers, and experienced staff, so people of all ages can achieve this sport! For young riders, there are ponies available, so you can have your fun, and let your kids wander around too. If you’re willing to explore more, there is also a falconry experience and a dedicated camel ride.

Price for adults starting: AED 400

Book a Quality Session at the Emirates Equestrian Centre

One of the best horse riding centres in Dubai for beginners who are new to this sport. This equestrian centre is the only one in the UAE approved by the British Horse Society. It is holding one of the highest standards for husbandry and yard management. If you’re willing to learn jumping or dressage, trainers can accommodate your needs.

Emirates Equestrian Centre | Go Dubai today

The facilities here are supreme, with cross-country courses for those willing to learn more. The quality, range of equipment, and the condition of the horses all matter, and here, you can rest assured. If you’re willing to learn about their expertise, look for certification, and training of the trainer, and you’ll be impressed. Whether you’re looking for quick riding fun, or just exploring the tranquillity of the desert, this is the perfect escape.

Price for Adult Classes: AED 165

Luxurious Setting at Al Habtoor Polo Resort and Club

Located in Dubailand lies this devoted polo and equestrian community! Holding around 520 modern horse stables in Dubai, a riding school, polo fields, and an academy, this is your one-stop destination for everything sporty! Indeed, one of the fanciest spots for horse riding in Dubai, with its lessons from beginners, to jumping, and dressage for all levels. The club boasts well-trained horse trainers, with classes on horse riding, along with a famous pony club which is a must to visit. It would mean not to accept that the facilities here are top notch!

Price for Pony Riding for Adults: AED 70

Family Fun at Al Ahli Horse Riding Club

One of the most renowned horse riding clubs in the city, located between Dubai-Sharjah Road! Back in 1998, this club was established, and now it has become more than just a horse riding club! The club ensures that people visiting the place not only have a good time, but also understand the mind, emotions, and history behind these horses!

Al Ahli Horse Riding Club for dubai

It is renowned for offering a wide range of courses including bareback riding, showjumping, and even dressage. For both kids and adults, you will have a time of your life, and enjoy the adrenaline rush by also riding in a supervised environment. The experienced staff will keep a constant check on you, to boost your confidence, or to give a quick lesson. The best part is, that the Dubai horse riding experience here is reasonably priced, which doesn’t hurt your pocket too much.

Price for two horse riding lessons: AED 169

Your Adventure Awaits!

Horse riding in Dubai offers an excellent opportunity to witness the beauty of Dubai’s deserts or the coastline extraordinarily! Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced rider, you are sure to hone your skills and have an unforgettable experience. Take advantage of the professional instruction, and diversified terrains, and embark on a journey of horse riding adventure like never before.

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