Crazy Laws in Dubai That Can Get You Behind Bars

We have all heard at least once in our lives that the laws of the UAE are pretty strict, and lots of regulations must be followed. Although, the city of Dubai is renowned for its skyscrapers, beauty, luxury, and unusual attractions, it is also famous for unusual laws. Many of the crazy laws in Dubai are pretty hard to accept, and in fact, can seem to be funny too!

But, we must know that respecting each other’s culture and tradition is a must, and being an Islamic country, every tourist, and expat should follow what’s stated to them. These laws may not seem to be enforceable, but it is needed to focus on and be extra keen on them. 

Dubai Laws for Foreigners and Punishment

If you don’t want to get arrested most strangely, let us explore together how to stay away from such crimes.

  1. Checking Someone’s Phone

Privacy is a crucial factor in the UAE, and for any person! Be it a computer, laptop, or mobile phone, it is a matter of concern if you try to invade anyone’s privacy! If you’re caught up sneaking into someone’s social media, or chats, which hurts the sentiments of others, then you’re eligible to pay a fine! The fines here can be from 100,000 and 500,000 dirhams, which can be too much to handle, especially for a tourist. 

  1. Eating in Public Transport

We are all excited for a quick munching any time of the day, so we don’t miss a chance. But, to burst the bubble, Dubai doesn’t support any sort of eating or drinking on public transport. In fact, on metros as well as the buses, you will see clear signs with banners of fines imposed on people caught eating. With that, you are also not allowed to eat chewing gum in the metro that can land up with a 100 AED fine! You will be surprised to know that the pedestrian crossings follow the same rule. 

  1. Public Display of Affection

When you come on your honeymoon, you probably can’t resist holding hands and strolling around the streets of the city with your partner. But, when you are in Dubai, you must know that PDA is not entertained well, and can be a punishable offense. These crazy laws in Dubai include everything like holding hands, kissing, hugging, and other intimate moments. The punishments one gets when breaking such law depend entirely on the nationality of the person, and in what situation they were caught. If you are visiting Dubai, you must respect this and try to avoid getting into trouble. Being respectful and walking together is admired, but not considering the people around you, and disrespecting the culture is a crime.

  1. Swearing is wrong! 

Swearing in Public is prohibited, wrongful, and an extremely high case of crime! UAE being an Islamic country is focused more on their traditional and cultural roots, for them, it is disgracing their modesty by using such cuss words! According to Article 373 of the UAE Penal Code, using these words are crime and serious actions can be taken against those using them! Swearing can also lead you to one year in prison and a very hefty fine that can reach up to 10,000 dirhams! In fact, not just swearing, but indecent behavior, and showing a middle finger can take you to jail too, as it is going against modesty and culture. Even if you are a tourist or an expat, you can be deported back home based on this! 

  1. Dressing Code

In Dubai, men and women must both dress decently and even if it’s Western clothing, it should be carried well! It is not a compulsion to cover your head or wear a hijab or scarf, but if you visit holy places, you must wear it. You are not allowed to enter the mosque or visit it even as a tourist if your head isn’t covered. 

This is one of the most important Dubai laws for foreigners! For men, it is necessary to wear long pants, and shirts, something that doesn’t show their skin! You can wear shorts, and crop tops without any fear, but you must know that the destination you choose to visit, support such clothing! Abu Dhabi and Sharjah are culturally more driven and have deep-rooted Islam, therefore, revealing clothing can make you look like a strange person, who people wouldn’t appreciate.

  1. Unclean Car

Dubai is known for its glamor, glitz, and luxury lifestyle! So, if you own a car, remember to keep it clean, because people look at it and feel dirty! It is important to keep your vehicle good, and fresh, to prevent yourself from penalties and fines. This can be one of the crazy laws in Dubai for tourists since it is not something important and not many people think of it. Car owners will find so many spots for vehicle cleaning and maintenance, this is to encourage frequent cleaning and keep the environment fresh. Especially after your car has driven around the beach, dirt can attract it and cause unhygienic. 

  1. Pictures without Consent

Taking pictures, and selfies of your group and friends is ok unless you take pictures of strangers without permission. It becomes unlawful, as you’re doing an act without consent. It doesn’t matter if you use it for personal use or professional use, you have committed a crime and it will be recorded as an unlawful act with penalties. 

Now, this not only is limited to clicking pictures of people, but also their pets, vehicles, apartments, and buildings without their approval. This is a law 4 of 2012 that related to the security and protection of personal data. Nobody likes to be pictured by strangers, even you in that case would not appreciate someone clicking your pictures. So, expect the same and take care of the sentiments of others. 

Take the Right Step

Now that you know what all things are prohibited, and what is allowed, it is best you follow the same. Talking about these crazy laws in Dubai for foreigners might seem funny, but serious actions are taken against those who don’t follow them. If you are caught breaking the law, you may end up getting jailed, or paying fines. So, now that you know what is expected of you, make your vacation in the city worth it. 

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