Dubai Creek Harbour the Lagoons is a high-end, premium residential and leisure destination being developed by the one and only, Emaar and Dubai Holding! It is a megacity, covering around 500 hectares of land, this waterfront community promotes harmonious urban living. From here, people can take breathtaking pictures of the Dubai skyline, especially during the sunset, with views worth cherishing.  

This is your walkable community, with lined paths, and cycling tracks, surrounding a big central park! For those who wish to escape away from the city life and the hustle, this is a perfect getaway residence! If you’re new to Dubai, or planning to invest in a property, this has to be the right and smart choice. Let’s find out why investing in Dubai Creek Harbour makes sense. 

A Golden Opportunity to Investing in Dubai’s Prestigious Community! 

There are an impressive number of reasons why you can think of living in the Lagoons! It offers incredible living opportunities with premium housing, affordable options as well as stylish apartments in different residential complexes.  Let’s delve into the possibilities of living here and why. 

Modern and Marvelous

The first thing that comes to your mind when thinking about Dubai is glitz and glamor! Dubai Creek Harbour is a modern marvel, known for its luxurious residences, sophisticated amenities, and classy living experience. This mega development covers 6 square kilometers, showcasing properties that are loaded with amenities, cutting-edge technology, and guaranteed returns! 

The awe-inspiring architecture, lush greenery everything here is balanced well to meet the needs of buyers and residents. Investors from around the world and flocking to this community to make it their home, and not for one reason but many!

Location Advantage

Dubai Creek Harbour is placed in a fantastic location, not too far from the city, yet away from the crowd! Reaching the business hub, or Downtown isn’t going to take more than 15 minutes’ drive! So, living at a distance, yet easily accessible to any event, shopping, and the chaos of city life just when you want it. 

This is a quiet, and peaceful waterfront community, ideal for families who are looking for privacy, in a secured gated abode, where everything is next to opulent! The area also keeps you very close to Dubai airport, so if you’re a frequent traveler, there’s nothing you can be worried about. All of it makes The Lagoons a perfect choice for business people, and individuals who are looking for solid returns on investment, or a living.

World Class Retail & Dining

When talking about retail facilities, Dubai Creek Harbour the Lagoons is overloaded with it! It is a mixed-use development that is full of high-end fashion stores, prominent shopping spots, and malls as well. This community in the coming years will become a leading retail haven, attracting shopaholics from around the world. Indeed, having world-class retail adds to the perks of living, or investing here! 

With multiple retail pavilions come endless entertainment venues as well as spreading across 66000 square meters! Apart from this comes dining, where residents and visitors can experience fine dining, and several cuisines from around the globe that will delight their taste buds.

Family Friendly Element

Dubai is home to not just working professionals, but also families who are looking to relocate in a premium area! This place is a haven for people who are longing for luxury villas, penthouses, and even apartments! For families, there are multiple family-friendly amenities that they can use to enjoy and have the time of their lives! This premium development is divided into sub-districts with multiple property options to choose from. There are luxury waterfront duplexes, villas, and apartments ranging in unique layout, configurations, tastes as well and styles to suit your unique needs. 

  • Kids Play Area
  • Yacht Club
  • Green Area
  • Swimming Pool
  • Multi-purpose community room
  • Zen and Yoga Area
  • Gymnasium

Natural Characteristics

Dubai Creek Harbour location is gifted with natural beauty, and peaceful surroundings with its Creek Waterfront and Ras Al Khor Wildlife Sanctuary. This is your expansive waterfront address, where all the modern residences are surrounded by green living and water views! The creek is Dubai’s most famous Insta-friendly address where people from all over the world come together to watch the breathtaking sunset. 

This impeccable community is surrounded by water throughout, which allows every apartment to have the stunning vistas of the azure blue lagoons. Being a project by Net Worth of Prince of Dubai, it focuses majorly on nature and ecological responsibility! Being built for the future generation, you can expect that with all sorts of natural touches, you get a beautiful blend of modernity with it.  

Upscale Properties

Emaar’s Creek Harbour promotes a very high-end lifestyle, an ideal destination for families as well as working professionals, or business people. It is tucked in a suitable neighborhood, ideal for tourism or for having a perfectly good life with your loved ones. 

So, when it comes to living, you have upscale property options to pick from, be it duplexes, apartments, villas, or even studios for that matter! For families, there are villas and spacious layout units to choose from, whereas couples and individuals can go for apartments in complexes!  There is everything for everyone in different styles and configurations along with the budget. 

Wrapping Up! 

Everyone wishing to live a luxurious life in Dubai can think of investing in Dubai Creek Harbour the Lagoons. It has become an ideal destination for families and individuals who want something unique! Away from the hustle and bustle, yet closely connected to city life, you can live in peace. This is your address, if you wish to get amazing returns too. People from around the globe and thinking of settling in Dubai with their family. If you invest now, and in a smart location, you’re sure to get the best returns and a stable income for years to come. 

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