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Eid Al Adha Long Weekend: The Upcoming UAE public holiday 2024

UAE residents feel like the long 9-day Eid Al Fit holiday was quite a few months ago, even though it’s just two months to the last long week. We are all anticipating the next UAE public holiday 2024, and Eid Al Adha 2024 is around the corner. Even though it won’t be as long as the previous holiday, we all long for a long weekend, don’t we? This is going to be a big festival for Muslims, giving rest to both the public and private sector employees.

With that comes the instant planning of touring around the globe, grabbing amazing holiday plans from Abu Dhabi, Dubai, and Sharjah. Travelling overseas is the first thing that comes to our mind, especially to skip the scorching heat of June in the UAE. If you are guessing how many UAE Holidays in 2024 you will get, we have curated the details just for you. The Emirates Astronomy Society has announced details on the anticipated start date and here is everything that you should know about it.

UAE Public Holiday 2024: Upcoming Holidays

If you are wondering why Eid Al Adha is the only holiday remaining in 2024, you are wrong. There are many more public holidays in UAE 2024 that will surprise you. These holidays are a treat to oneself, where you can take time, relax, have a meet and greet, and enjoy your day.

UAE Public Holiday 2024

Eid Al Adha, which is the Prophet Ibrahim’s sacrifice is already of great deal for Muslims. However, Islamic holidays are not the only celebrations in the UAE. There are other days too including National Day which is celebrated with full enthusiasm, and fireworks, all around the Emirates.

  • Dhul Hijjah 9: Arafat Day 2024
  • Dhul Hijjah 10 to 12: Eid Al-Adha
  • Islamic New Year | Sunday, July 7
  • Prophet Muhammad’s (PBUH) birthday | Sunday, September 15
  • Monday, December 2: National Day
  • Tuesday, December 3: National Day holiday

How Long is The Public Holiday of Eid Al Adha 2024?

Both the private and public sector employees will get a long weekend to celebrate after two months in the UAE. As per the projection, Eid Al Adha 2024 is the UAE long weekend in June 2024 and will begin on June 16th, making it a holiday on June 17th, and June 18th.

This is because June 16 lies on Sunday, so the two working days off will start from Monday to Tuesday. However, the specific dates are likely to be confirmed only after the relevant Moon sighting UAE holidays. This will only come into the picture when the projection is done by the Emirates Astronomy Society, so you can celebrate it with your friends, and families. When this is taken into consideration, knowing that it is going to lie on the weekend, you can expect an even bigger break.

If the Eid is on Sunday, employees getting off on Saturday can expect a Five-day break UAE, starting from Saturday till Tuesday. However, for those employees working on Saturday, they can expect 4 days off, starting from Sunday till Tuesday. In both cases, you are getting enough time to relax, travel, and plan out your trip to any part of the world.

Arafat Day

The importance of Arafat Day is not about the celebration as Islamic calendar holidays, but rather it is about reflection. It is also known as the day of Arafah, holding great significance for Muslims, falling on the 9th day of the Dhul Hijjah Islamic month. The day lies roughly on the 70th day after the end of Ramadan and comes just before one celebrates Eid Al Adha. It speaks about the key event that happened in the Islamic Pilgrimage and marks it to be a spiritual devotion, a reflection on oneself, and unity.

Millions of Muslims from around the world embark on Hajj Pilgrimage. They gather near Mount Arafat, wearing very simple garments, and focusing on prayers, and blessings from Allah. It is believed that the prayers that are offered on the Arafat day 2024 in UAE hold importance, and are meant to be answered too. Muslims also believe in fasting on this day, as it holds great importance, as well as a blessing. It is a way of asking forgiveness from Allah and building a stronger, more meaningful spiritual connection.

What is Eid Al Adha Significance?

Eid Al Adha is also considered as the festival of sacrifice and is a great deal of spirituality, in the Islam religion. The reason behind it narrates the story of Prophet Ibrahim A.S, who was willing to sacrifice his song based on the command of Allah, that he dreamt of. As an act of obedience, he was ready to sacrifice his dear song, without thinking twice. However, the turn of events led to the sacrificing of sheep, which made it a celebration to sacrifice sheep, cows, and goats, and distribute it amongst the poor. On this day, those families, who can afford to sacrifice an animal, like a goat, must do so, and divide the flesh into three equally. One portion is given to the family, the other is given to friends and relatives, and the last is given to the poor and needy. This is the time when Muslims meet and greet each other, their friends, and relatives as well as exchange Eidi and gifts.

The Next Big Holiday in UAE

All Muslims as well as people living in the UAE who don’t celebrate these Lunar Months holidays and festivals are anticipating a good long weekend. With this, we realize that a break is so important, as it helps us to focus on ourselves, and have all the time for the betterment of mental, and physical health. if you are celebrating Eid in the UAE, we wish you a Happy Eid, as this celebration reminds you of sacrifices and blessings, may god bless us all with his mercy in all forms. Take this long weekend as a way of celebrating it with your friends and family in the UAE, and enjoy it as it lasts, while another public holiday awaits you.

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