Fresh, Healthy Meals for Your Dogs and Cats,Delivered to Your Doorstep

Welcome to PawPots, where there is high dedication to crafting fresh, human-grade meals for
your beloved dogs and cats.
Their journey began with a couple’s deep concern for the well-being of their cherished pooch
Stark. Through extensive research, they uncovered a startling truth: 90% of pets’ shortened
lifespans are linked to their lifestyle and nutrition, particularly the highly processed foods they
They found that even proteins, often hailed as “the good stuff,” can be processed in ways that
diminish their quality and benefit your pet. This revelation highlighted the importance of being
mindful about what we feed our furry friends.

Convinced that fresh food was the best choice for Stark, they started cooking for him and soon
noticed a remarkable difference. This inspired them to create PawPots, a way to give back the
love and provide all dogs and cats with the opportunity for a longer, happier life, just like Stark.

What Makes PawPots Stand Out?

Their Freshness and Quality Ingredients

PawPots uses only human-grade ingredients, ensuring that your pet enjoys the same quality of
food that you would expect for yourself and that you would buy at grocery stores. Their
commitment to freshness means that every meal is prepared with care and attention to detail,
with no preservatives and no processing, in a human-grade kitchen – just like the restaurants
you trust and go to.

Nutritionally Balanced Meals

They work closely with veterinary nutritionists to craft recipes that meet the American
Association of Feed Control Officials (AAFCO) standards for complete and balanced nutrition for
your dogs and cats. Their meals are designed to support your pet’s overall health and vitality,
giving them a longer, healthy, and happy life, while giving you ease of mind with less vet visits
and less worries.

Convenience & Delivery Service

PawPots meals are pre-packed in daily portions, making mealtimes quick, easy, and hassle-free,
with no scooping and no weighing – just open and serve. Also, their subscription-based delivery
service brings the frozen recipes directly to your door in Dubai and all over the UAE. This ensures that your pet’s meals are always fresh and ready to serve, saving you time and effort.
They also offer the option to shop on demand, whenever you feel like it; just add the recipes to
your cart on their website or order through Deliveroo for faster delivery and relax!

Diverse Menu Options

First off, it is not fair for your pet to eat the same food every day, and PawPots makes sure they
don’t by providing various recipes with different ingredients and proteins.

Explore PawPots’ Dog and Cat Meals:

For Dogs

  • Beef Paw-Wow: A delectable recipe with 85% animal protein source, providing essential
    hydration and nutrition.
  • Mighty Chicken: A low-fat, high-protein option made with premium chicken, ideal for managing your dog’s weight.
  • Fancy Turkey: A novel protein source, this turkey recipe is excellent for dogs with allergies and it supports gastrointestinal health.
  • Probiotic Chews:
  • A supplement designed to maintain a healthy gut flora, support immune function, and promote overall wellness.

For Cats

  • Heavenly Chicken: A delectable recipe with 85% animal protein source, providing essential hydration and nutrition.
  • Hearty Beef: Packed with 84% animal protein source, this beef recipe adds a delicious variety to your cat’s diet.
  • Fish Furry Tail: A seafood feast with 81.5% animal protein source, featuring a blend of Trout, Sardines, and Salmon.
  • Liver Powder: A nutritional supplement that supports digestive and immune functions and enhances your cat’s appetite.

Why PawPots is the Best Choice for Your Pet

  • Health: Their meals are made with 100% natural, human-grade ingredients, freshly cooked and frozen to preserve their nutritional value.
  • Personalization: PawPots offers personalized meal plans based on your pet’s unique profile, including breed, weight, age, and activity level, ensuring a complete and balanced diet.
  • Customization: Their recipes can be customized to accommodate your pet’s dietary needs and preferences, such as allergies or specific ingredient dislikes.
  • Vet Connect: Enjoy free digital vet consultations as a PawPots customer. Their seamless interface allows you to book appointments and consult with a vet via video call, receiving a report directly to your email.

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Embark on a journey to better health for your pet with PawPots. Visit their website to explore their offerings and take advantage of a 50% discount on
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For inquiries, reach out to them via WhatsApp or call at +971507297630, or email at

P.S: PawPots is also in Lebanon!

Join the PawPots family and give back the love to your pets!

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