How to Cancel Employment Visa in the UAE
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How to Cancel Employment Visa in the UAE

UAE indeed is one of the most fascinating, as well as dreamy countries, a perfect destination to grab amazing job offers and elevate your career. People from around the globe are moving to Dubai to take their career to a good level and thousands of them have already excelled. If you are already a citizen and have been employed by any organization, you must know that you have earned amazing experience, which can be beneficial if you apply for a job, anywhere. You may have an employee visa with you that will pretty much legalise your stay here, and give you the chance to enjoy being a part of the city without any hassle. However, if you have quit the job, or completed your contract period, your current visa will have an impact on it. When you quit your job, cancellation of your visa becomes mandatory, and it can be done by the company, or you. So, in this article, we will explore the guide on how to cancel an employment visa in UAE. This is just for the sake of knowledge, that you must be aware of. 


The visa cancellation procedure is in the hands of the employee’s company, and the employer has the right to visa cancellation. The employee himself will not be able to proceed with the legal cancellation journey, as it is not under their control.

 The employee will be advised to simply sign the cancelled visa, the application will be given to them, and it will declare that the employee has received the entire settlement. As, the end-of-service benefit is the right of the employee, and it is something that the employer can not miss.


The first and most crucial step for employment visa cancellation is by cancelling the work permit. Without the work permit being cancelled, the employer can not proceed with the cancellation process of your visa.

There is a dedicated MOHRE portal which needs to be signed in for employers to go through the cancellation process 

The company must have an online account on Mohre to proceed with the same. However, for those who don’t have it, they can do it through Tas’heel Centres.

Once the work permit is cancelled, the employer is responsible for applying for the visa cancellation through throthe ugh GDRFA online portal.

Documents Required to Proceed For Employment Visa Cancellation UAE 

Now that you understand how to cancel your employment visa in UAE, let us move ahead. The documents that you need for visa cancellation as well as for the final settlement include the list of following:

  • Passport (ORIGINAL)
  • Emirates ID details
  • Residency visa documents
  • Copy of work permit
  • Copy of labour establishment card
  • Trade licence copy of the company
  • The original card of labour cancellation
  • Cancellation fees
  • Approval of Mohre 

Who can Cancel your Employment Visa? 

Many employees think that they can cancel their visas all by themselves, but this is impossible. UAE has given the authority, as well as the power to carry out this procedure only to the sponsor of the visa. 

When any worker arrives in the city, they get the visa through a sponsor, it can be either an employer, company, family, friends, or any visa company. For these reasons, you need to be dependent on your sponsor to do it for you. 

The employee can request the employer to start with the visa cancellation process with a letter and also state the reason why you need your work permit to get cancelled. 

How Many Days Does It Take for Your Visa to Get Cancelled? 

Once the employer has initiated the visa cancellation procedure it can be done easily. Workers can get their visa cancelled in a matter of just one day, or a little longer, depending on any complication that it has.


If you want your visa to get cancelled quickly, it is advised to send the cancellation appeal to your employer a few days in advance. This will help them in preparing for the necessary documentation, as well as any document needed in the process. 

Can an Employer Cancel a Visa without Your Signature?

No, for cancellation of your visa, the procedure can not move ahead without your signature in it. However, if you have moved out of the UAE for more than 6 months, your visa will be cancelled automatically without your signature, and even without informing you. 

What to Do Before Your Employment Visa Gets Cancelled?

Before the cancellation of your visa, you should make certain adjustments to streamline your process. 

  • Close your bank account 
  • Make Sure that your employer has given you all sorts of end-of-service settlements, including your last month’s salary, 
  • Pay all your utility bills if you are moving out of the country
  • Pay all the necessary loans, as well as credit card dues if any
  • Cancel your leasing contract, only if you don’t wish to continue living in the UAE. 

Visa cancellation can be pretty confusing, especially if it is your first time. Going through the final settlement, finding a new job, and thinking about changing your visa status can be overwhelming. Now that you know how to cancel an employment visa in UAE, you also know that this process is majorly handled by the employer, and all you need to do is sign the final settlement letter.

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