How to Check If You Have a Travel Ban in UAE?

A Quick Guide on How to Check If You Have a Travel Ban in UAE?

Many non-citizens of the UAE try to escape any legal complications and situations by fleeing to their home country. Although the country is diversified in terms of population, and getting economic growth, there are challenges that they have to face when dealing with people from around the world. Living in the UAE is a whole unique experience altogether, being a vibrant part of the city comes with its unique perks and advantages. However, you need to be aware of the potential travel ban in the city that can affect your visit. Here is How to Check if you have a travel ban in UAE. 

This ban is a sort of preventative measure and security consideration that the UAE has implemented for its sake. This makes sure that everyone visiting the city is away from any legal disputes and crime, and that they are held responsible for any sort of violation. If you have any sort of concern regarding getting into trouble with your travel to the UAE, this guide will help you check your travel ban with ease. Remember, if you have a travel ban in the UAE, you will be restricted from entering or leaving the country without clearing away the mess and meeting all the conditions. This precaution is to prevent any ongoing crimes, investigations, immigration law violations, and other rental disputes as well. 

Reasons for Travel Ban in UAE

When you enter the UAE, there is an immigration check that you have to pass through to enter. If there is any ban related to your name, you can go through an unfavorable situation at the airport’s immigration desk. They will ask you questions and there will be multiple formalities that you have to go through to get rid of the tag. If you are wondering how can i check my UAE travel ban online, here is how. There are not one, but several grounds on which you will be imposed with a ban, and the common one includes 

  • You are going through a procedure of ongoing criminal investigation, and you will be questioned at the airport. You may also be held in the country until the investigation is concluded. 
  • You have violated any immigration-related law, which can be about entering the country illegally or overstaying in the country more than the designated visa. 
  • There are financial debts that you have to clear which are due or unpaid. Until the debts are cleared, you will be imposed with a travel ban. 
  • Overstaying on the visa beyond the authorized or designation period can result in a ban too. You need to rectify your immigration status at the earliest. 
  • Employment without having any valid visa, or work permit is against the law, and it can result in severe consequences.
  • Global outbreak or related disease 
  • If you have been deported by the UAE previously for any reason, you may face some issues when you re-enter 
  • Rental disputes or rental settlements are pending.

3 Most Common Bans in the UAE

Let us find out how to know if you have a travel ban in UAE, but first understand the different kinds of ban. 


This is a clear ban that will not allow you to enter the country until the ban is lifted. This ban is usually given to those who have broken the law related to criminal offenses. 


There are chances where you have any outstanding debts, as well as loans that you have taken but not repaid yet. This is impacting your financial obligation in the UAE, which means you have to clear all the dues before you travel to the country. 


It is a ban that is enforced upon individuals who have committed a serious labor offense. Now, How do check If you have a travel ban in UAE? Here is how. 

How To Check for UAE Travel Ban Status Online?

You may be asking this question a lot, how to check if I have any travel ban in UAE? The service to check online is absolutely free of cost, available on the government portal, or through their smart Dubai Police app. This enables UAE residents to check their immigration, or travel bans very conveniently from the comfort of their home. 

  • The first requirement to have your travel ban checked is through your Emirates ID, the basic necessity. 
  • Navigate to the official Dubai Police website, or you can download the Dubai Police smart app as well, which can be accessible both on Android, and iOS. 
  • Next,t you can proceed by clicking on the Criminal Status of Financial Cases, which can be listed on the Individual Services tab
  • Enter your full name, as well as your Emirates ID details 
  • In case you have a travel ban under your name you will be alerted, as well as advised by the Dubai Police to head over to any of their branches along with your Emirates ID, passport, as well as authority letter. 
  • Remember, or checking your travel ban, there is no fee related to it, as it can be done online through the Dubai police website and apps. 
  • For any further inquiries that you may have you can directly contact the Dubai police by calling, or you can drop an email to them at

Checking Your Travel Ban by Visiting Dubai Police 

If you are not sure about the procedure of checking your travel ban through an online portal, you can simply visit the police station. You can personally enquire at the police station and understand if there is any complaint filed against your name for financial or immigration-related cases. Also, it is best to understand the operational timings of the Police station which is from 7.30 am to 10 pm

Now that you know how to check if you have a travel ban in the UAE, make sure you take the necessary measures in that case. One wrong step or delay can prevent you from traveling in and out of the country. The UAE is very strict in terms of laws, and regulations, and therefore it is advised to clear away anything that is against you.

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