ICA Smart Service Abu Dhabi

A Complete Guide to ICA Smart Service Abu Dhabi

In the UAE; you will find many government bodies that are in charge of controlling the documentation and immigration process. ICA Smart Service Abu Dhabi is one of them, which offers residents and tourists many tools and advantages. The Federal Authority of Identity and Citizenship is committed to helping tourists and residents looking to visit the UAE through the ICA smart service program. Among many other services, the prime ones that they offer include vaccine registration and visa status checks as well. 

Travelling to the UAE becomes quite easy, so the tourists and visitors can focus more on the travel arrangements than the visa process. ICA smart service is an online mechanism through which you can register your arrival and departure information whilst applying for an Emirates ID or residential visa as well. Let us dig deeper to know about the services they provide. 

What are ICA Smart Service Abu Dhabi Benefits?

There are multiple benefits of the smart service solution of ICA in UAE; for both business owners, as well as travellers. 

  1. You can keep a check on your application through their online portal
  2. Their online portal can be accessed through any device, be it mobile, laptop, or tablet
  3. Make an appointment for residence entry in case there is any issue or it gets cancelled
  4. You can also check if in case there is any visa fine 
  5. You can update your Emirates ID as well 
  6. You can use the same laptop to check around five applications at one time with your smart number. 
  7. You can conveniently view the details of tourists as well as visa services for the setup of your business in UAE: 
  8. Filing for an appeal, as well as requesting a refund can also be accessible through their online mode. 
  9. There are many other additional services available for the tourist.
  10. You can issue or renew your ID card easily
  11. You can issue a new passport or renew your passport 
  12. You can issue your family book, or modify the book. 

What is ICA Smart Service Abu Dhabi?

The Federal Authority for Identity and Citizenship, which is also known famously as ICA; is the one in charge of the issuance of visas and other processes. This is entirely for the support of citizens, tourists, and even residents. Their main purpose is to facilitate both the entry and the exit in the UAE; 

It is said to be an integrated service for anyone wishing to visit the UAE, through their centralised portal each person can access a wide range of services. Also, they are available for customers 24×7, and people can use it whenever they want, through any platform. If you do not wish to access their online portal, you can visit one of the offices of ICA.

Real-Time Information

ICA Smart Service platform provides you with real-time information on visa status. All the information that you wish to access is given to you at your fingertips, in real-time without any error. It is ideal for individuals who want to plan their travel and come to the country with confidence. 


The platform has a very user-friendly interface, with a simple, as well as intuitive layout to understand easily. Whether you are a first-time user, or tech-savvy, you can access their website, and navigate easily throughout the portal. Checking your visa is a matter of a few seconds, without any hassle. 


Users can access the ICA smart services platform from any corner of the world, with their unparalleled services. If you are wondering how to contact ICA UAE? They have an online portal, as well as an ICA smart service office to do the process. 

Security Measures

ICA Smart Services provides top-rated security, as well as privacy for the user whoever visits their site. They have added security codes, as well as encryption measures to make sure all your data is stored with confidence. You can rely on their security without having to worry about data leakage and so on. 

Eligibility for ICA Smart Services

Anyone who wishes to travel to the UAE can use the ICA smart services. Whether you are a business individual who wishes to start your business in the UAE; or an investor looking to expand in the UAE, you all get the benefit of it. 

  • Emiratis can register and use all the services that are related to them, including family book services, passport renewal services, Emirates ID services, and other sponsorships. 
  • UAE residents can also access the services related to visa, residency, and Emirates ID renewal, both for them, as well as for their sponsor. 
  • Individuals that are wishing to visit the UAE for a tour, can use the system for any such services, related to the entry visa. 
  • GCC citizen can use the services related to Emirates ID for themselves or their sponsor. 
  • ICA smart service Abu Dhabi fine check allows you to access any fines or penalties that are under your name. 

ICA Smart Service Solutions to All Your Needs

In a rapidly evolving and changing world, we all need something that can save our time, and make things easier for us. ICA smart service platform is one such thing that allows easy access to the country and takes care of all that you need under one roof. Anyone who wishes to visit the UAE can use these services. ICA Smart service Abu Dhabi is indeed a great platform for people who want to visit the country. 

They can avail of these services online and feel assured that everything is done without ease. You can focus on travelling to the country and making all possible arrangements that you want. However, there is a registration fee as well, but it is a single payment that you can pay just once as soon as you arrive in Abu Dhabi or Dubai. Moreover, you can also make the payment through online mode.

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