Listing the nearest country to Turkey and The Reason Why You Must Visit Them

One of the surprising facts about Turkey is that there are many countries that you can explore from here. But 8 dedicated countries border it, making you want to explore all of it. It indeed is said to be tucked in the central part of the world, which makes traveling to and from here very convenient. Turkey itself is famous for its culture, unique architecture, Islam, historic sites, and diverse cuisine. 

There are several wonderful places that you can visit here since it attracts a lot of tourists. But, if you’re planning to visit different countries from here, you will be spoiled with choices! There are multiple day trips that you can take, and put your passport in use, to gain extremely satisfactory experience! 

Countries near Turkey to Visit


The Bulgaria-Turkey land border is one of the oldest forms of commuting, which dates back to the century! Bulgaria, the nearest country to turkey, is one of those gorgeous places to visit with a mix of lakes, rivers, sea, and mesmerizing mountains! This is the country that has it all, and is also famously known as the land of roses! This one is home to many ancient ruins which go back to the Roman and Byzantine Empires! Tourists can enjoy the beauty of Rila National Park, or do a skiing trip with their loved ones in the winter! Indeed is one of the most popular tourist destinations, and ideal to visit around the year.


Georgia is one of the world’s most gorgeous, soothing, and refreshing locations to visit, tucked in the Caucasus Mountains! It indeed is a hidden gem, and one of a kind, where the capital city Tbilisi is a fusion of old charm blending in modernity. There is a historic connection between Georgia with Turkiye which goes long back to the centuries! Till now, the neighboring countries maintain diplomatic relations, and is just a quick flight away! 

Georgia is where you can explore the lush green hillside spots, vineyards, quaint medieval towns, and photogenic streets! There are ample churches as well, so soothing and peaceful that you’d want to spend your whole day here. When in Georgia, you can visit spots like Gudari, Mestia, and Vardzia to learn more about the culture, vibes, and history!


It is a country with its beautiful natural surroundings, and century-old culture, deep-rooted history that will fascinate you. The destination is well-distinguished for its fauna and flora, and its incomparable beauty! From art centers to mountain villages, hospitable people, and seasonal dishes, there is so much to see, explore, and try! This beautiful destination reflects the warmth of the people living here, its history, and unusual manmade attractions well. You can visit the classy museum, old mosque, rugged forts, and palaces, to experience the royalty! There is even space for adventure with hiking, mountain trails, and snow-clad slopes for skiing.


Tucked on the southern side of Europe, with crystal blue waters all around lies Greece! It has more than 2000 islands, out of which only 160 have been inhabited! There are multiple picturesque locations to visit including the famous Sunday Market Istanbul, Santorini, and Crete with its unique island atmosphere. It is home to several UNESCO World Heritage Sites, as it is the birthplace of Western civilization. Greek cuisine is something that people love, especially its ingredients, with a touch of Mediterranean flavors and all sorts of healthy dishes! If you are fond of history, you will admire the archaeological sites which tell the story of heroes!


This is a one-of-a-kind destination that will intrigue you with its culture, rich history, tragedy, and mesmerizing landscape! The place is owned by down-to-earth people, the most fascinating yet underrated! The place makes you explore churches, forts, monasteries as well as UNESCO World Heritage site! From skiing and snowboarding to camping, lake view, sparkling night light, and paragliding, there are amazing activities and things to do around here! 

It is the nearest country to turkey, a place for nature lovers, as well as adventure enthusiast, who wishes to do something new and interesting! Prepare to be treated with lots of food, a delight to your tummy, from aromatic coffee to wine made of grapes, pomegranates, and even apricots. It is a well-liked tourist destination, very peaceful and offers a laid-back vibe for the tourist. There are many places like Lake Sevan, Mount Aragats, Vanadzor, and even National parks that you can visit! 

  • IRAQ

Iraq is a place which holds some of the greatest treasures, some stories untold, from ancient Mesopotamia time! It is a place ideally for those who love history, as every place here tells a story, and the landscape speaks volumes about what has happened there. This Middle East destination attracts travelers from around the world and is famous for places like Al Mutanabbi Street in Baghdad, Al-Ukhaidir Fortress, Imam Hussein’s Shrine, as well as Najaf and Nasiriyah. 

  • SYRIA 

A country full of rich heritage, and the oldest civilization in the world! For tourists, you are going to love the local culture, and tourist attractions, along with multiple things to do here for a fulfilling trip! There is the temple of the bell, the tower of Yemliko, Umayyad mosque, and a national museum must-visit spots. Palmyra is indeed one of the most famous attractions of the country, which is protected due to it being a UNESCO Heritage site. Try the local cuisine and see how your taste buds get excited trying new flavors and tempting delights.

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Iran is known for its people, the kindest of all, and its breathtaking nature, architecture, and atmosphere! It is a safe and peaceful destination, a place where you feel belong and like home! There are dozens of breathtaking places, like stunning natural wonders, landscape gardens, Ancient Persian mosques, palaces, and more. There are simply must-visit places to explore in Iran including Golestan Palace, Azadi Tower, and Imamzadeh Saleh shrine all of it is known for their detailing, colors, architecture, and interesting patterns! Iran will win your heart and for many reasons, you will admire the architecture the Persian touches that will fascinate you.

Each of these are nearest country to turkey and even shares a history with it! There is something unique here, that mesmerizes tourists and draws attention for its charm. Each of these places has something fascinating, and exciting to experience. So what are you waiting for? Grab your bags and explore these destinations! 

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