Looking for an Ideal Outdoor Breakfast Near Me? Here’s the Dubai’s Best Breakfast Spot

We all know that breakfast is the most important meal of the day, so the plan of skipping it doesn’t exist! When you live in Dubai, you need to live like a king, and eat breakfast king-size too! Starting your day on a very tasty, and fulfilling note is important, so it’s important to do your research on breakfast places around you. As soon as the sunshine, your tummy craves tempting delicacies that will start up your day with excitement, and a boost in your energy.  If you are asking yourself the best outdoor breakfast near me, we’ve got you covered! Let’s walk through the streets of this city together to find the perfect joint for you. 

The best Breakfast Spot in Dubai 

  1. Eva Beach House

We all love beaches for many reasons, especially early in the morning for a quick walk, or strolling around during sunrise! So, why not find your breakfast spot closer to the beach? And for an amazing experience right on the beach, close to the sea, with indulging delicacies. 

Eva Beach House is a trendy spot located in Palm West Beach, a chic boho-themed vibes with delicious cuisines on the menu! There are egg options, pancake, and tea and bread jam combo with truffle croissant as well. Savor on the cheesiest, and mouth-drizzling blueberry jam, chocolate croissant, and charcuterie board that will make you go wow!

  1. Aura Skypool

If you admire watching Dubai reels, you must have seen videos of the world’s highest 360-degree infinity pool! That’s what Aura Sky Pool hosts, and thus imagine yourself having breakfast at this one-of-a-kind destination. Munching on a variety of healthy options will brighten up your day, and give you the much-needed energy to kick-start your vacation mode! 

Your search for “outdoor breakfast near me” ends here. You can also dip into the pool, and relish on your perfect breakfast combo with your loved ones. From egg benedict, Avantcha tea, and Asian brunch bowl to acai bowl, there are tempting delights for you. Have your breakfast the Aura way and click some mesmerizing pictures of the city from the top.

  1. Drift Beach

If you want to have a pleasant pool day, Drift Beach is a popular spot for it along with its premium breakfast selection. The crowd gathering here is charming, those who admire waking up early and exploring the city’s beauty. Drift Beach has a beautiful vibe, that you feel enriched, and enlightened to start your day on a positive note. Plus, the menu has some tempting cuisine to pick from which will satisfy your taste buds and indulge you in its charm. 

Choose from tempting breakfast spots like avocado toast, scrambled eggs, fruit bowls, Viennoiserie basket, pancakes, and even their special Drift Omelet. The best grabbable deal here is, once you do your breakfast, you can avail of a pool day here with a 50% discount! So, if you’re looking for a space to relax, or enjoy a delicious breakfast, this is the right address!

  1. Boardwalk

Located beautifully on the Dubai Creek, lies this gorgeous, and aesthetically appealing Boardwalk breakfast spot! If you’re longing for a casual spot by the beach, this indeed is the restaurant to go and kick start your day, positively! Enjoy your breakfast with premium views, and suffice your taste buds with avocado hummus, cheese croissant, poached eggs, and other tempting cuisine! You will find yourself immersing in the unique flavors of al fresco dining and ideal terrace-style seating! Get your hands on the Mediterranean-inspired menu, and find yourself transported to a new world! The spectacular skyline of the city will leave you in awe!

  1. GIA

This is an Italian-themed restaurant, tucked right in Dubai Mall, Downtown with the views of Burj Khalifa! The breakfast has Italian roots, delighting your taste buds, and mesmerizing you in its flavors! The breakfast menu is filled with tasty Italian dishes like Foccacia poached egg, uovo strapazzato al tartufo, and other tempting delicacies. From merry berry croissants to Zaatar, and other popular breakfast dishes, you will never run short of options to pick from! After you’re done with the fulfilling breakfast, you can always go for a walk around the Downtown and Dubai Mall! Catch a glimpse of the tallest tower in the world, and relish a pleasant weekend roaming the streets of the city.

  1. The Farm Restaurant, Al Barari

Who doesn’t want to wake up and soak the freshness of nature, listening to the melody of the birds chirping and greenery around? Well, when you visit the Farm Gardens at Al Barari for breakfast, you will surely have the most beautiful morning in Dubai. It is aesthetically refreshing, with greenery, and a fountain-inspired restaurant, ideal for a romantic getaway from the city. 

The breakfast menu includes healthy options, hot breakfast, benedicts, eggs special, and homemade pastries as well. This is a unique concept, serving traditional Arabic breakfast, which is mouth-watering, and delicious. From grilled halloumi to Zaatar, veggies, meats, and more, the menu is curated with only high-quality products. You can also pick from English breakfasts, and relish the views of the greenery around you.

  1. Ula Dubai

Located in Dubai’s most iconic destination, Palm Jumeriah, this is your ultimate luxury breakfast spot! The vibe will mesmerize you, such vibrant, energetic, positive, and refreshing people around you! The breakfast here starts at 10 am on the weekdays, and 9 am on the weekend! This pretty spot is ideal for a feeling-full morning, a perfect spot to catch up with your dear ones, and your friends, or a romantic morning! Guests will have the option to choose from a versatile range of cuisines, from lobster, and Shakshuka, to salmon pita and mimosas! The list goes on, and you’ll be overloaded with food, laughter, and joy all day long. The oceanic views right in front of you will fuel you up with energy, so you can spend a good beach day after breakfast!

Choosing the Spot!

From dazzling rooftop spots to Downtown cafes, and cozy spots, right in the heart of the city! You are surrounded by ample breakfast corners that will give next-level excitement to your taste buds. So what are you waiting for, your search for outdoor breakfast near me ends here. Make your breakfast day worth it and select the best restaurant around you! Have a time of your life with your loved ones at this address! 

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