Is Tap Water Safe to Drink in Dubai

Most Common Question Is Tap Water Safe to Drink in Dubai Now Answered?

Dubai is home to people from all around the globe, hoping and wishing to build a career, a stable life, and earn well. Not just that, it is also inviting lots of tourists throughout the year, no doubt for its architecture, luxury, opulence, and charm. Amidst the dazzling city life and the allure, people wonder many things as soon as they land here. Is the tap water drinkable? Or to be precise, is tap water safe to drink in Dubai?

Is Tap Water Safe to Drink in Dubai

You must be having questions as to how a desert city has water storage, and what are the sources. Many people think that they need to filter the water before consuming it, as it does an adverse effect on your skin and hair, what can it do to the body? Let us explore together the safety matters in terms of tap water, the initiative taken by Dubai, and how they assure quality standards. Before you take a sip from the tap water, it is important to know whether its consumption will be good or not. 

The Safety of Tap Water

DEWA is the main source of water supply in Dubai, and they take the responsibility for delivering water across the city. For them, ensuring the water quality crosses proper networks to be delivered, and meet with the highest health and well-being.

Is Tap Water Safe to Drink in Dubai

They ensure safety is the key role here, with safety standards being set by the WHO. The responsibility for maintenance is often of the customer, or the owner to regularly conduct maintenance checks of the water tanks and internal networks. DEWA takes charge of its water quality while leaving maintenance responsibility to the building owner to make the entire process smoother. 

Even the director of Dubai Municipality’s Food and Safety Department underlined certain benchmarks for regular maintenance of tap water. 

  • Make sure the plumbing system and the water tanks are in check 
  • Periodic water tank cleaning is mandatory, as well as flushing of pipes that should be done by only authorized Emirates International Accreditation entity. 
  • Maintaining a routine for water samples to be tested for drinking purposes with dedicated parameters set by Emirates International Accreditation entity. 
  • Positive laboratory results that depict tap water to be a safer option to drink 

Few things to keep in mind

If you are planning to relocate or come for a visit to enjoy the glory of the city, it is vital to know a few things beforehand. Especially in terms of safety and well-being, you need to be aware of your environment and the place that you’re living in.

Is Tap Water Safe to Drink in Dubai
  • Is the building/hotel that I am living in well-maintained?
  • if you’re living in a townhouse or a villa, a completely separate property, you should ask whether the tank is cleaned. Or when was the last time the tank got cleaned? 
  • Is the water filter fitted? 

If the building/ hotel/ villa/ townhouse that you’re staying in isn’t well maintained, chances of the water tank being dirty too. Water tanks can thus become a breeding place for bacteria, as well as many other waterborne diseases. This can result in illness or sickness which is the last thing that you want to go through. So, while the Dubai waters through DEWA are proven to be rich in quality, the pipes and tanks can be a leading cause of trouble. Is tap water safe to drink in Dubai? Well yes, but the question is, how are you contributing to its safety as well? 

Therefore, it is important to keep your building plumbing infrastructure clean and updated. it will avoid any contamination that can affect your internal sources and get into the water you drink or use for cooking. Villa owners are also recommended to have direct control over the maintenance team and their water distribution system. It is advised to clean your water tank at least once a year and also pipeline disinfection should be performed frequently. 

Tap Water Filtration: Will it Help? 

A water filtration that you have installed in your tap is a very effective and meaningful approach to clean and safe drinking water. This system when installed will use a combination of procedures to remove water impurities, such as chlorine, leads, and other sediments as well that flow in your water. When you install the water. filtration in your tap, you have peace of mind about the quality and health benefits from it.

Tap Water Filtration

You will be rest assured that the water is free from harmful chemicals, and materials, and is fresh, healthy, and tastes clean. Additionally, you will never find it to be a hassle, as it is easy to clean and well-maintained. No doubt, for an extra layer of protection, this will ensure that you get the best water to drink and cook. From the basic level of filters to the advanced purification, you will find the solution that will align well with your needs and expectations.

Drinking the Tap Water 

While tap water generally meets the standards and quality that are set by WHO, you are free to choose between installing a filtration system or not. With that, it is also advisory to regularly have maintenance checks for both tanks and pipes, to get the quality you need. When you are well informed as to what to do, and how to do it, you will be able to act proactive and accordingly take care of your health. Now the question is tap water safe to drink in Dubai is already cleared, you can think about the other step. Do a thorough quality check, speak to your building management if you are not sure, and feel confident in whatever you drink.

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