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Some Low Cost Business Setup In Dubai

Research and careful planning are necessities for starting a low-cost business in Dubai. Low cost business setup in Dubai to find a certain segment of the market or a particular industry that has the potential for expansion and increased profits. In the second step of the process, you will need to develop a comprehensive business ideas that outlines your goals, your intended audience, and your financial projections.

 In addition, you should think about making use of the advantages offered by free zones or other government initiatives that provide options for the registration and licensing of your company that are more economical.

 In conclusion, it is important to network with local business owners and get advice from business consultants in order to successfully traverse the cultural norms and legal requirements of conducting business in Dubai.

Exploring The Opportunities For A Low Cost Business Setup In Dubai:

You have the idea of ​​opening a Low cost business in Dubai; or to expatriate there? It is essential to know all the terms before fully projecting yourself into this new entrepreneurial project. 

The United Arab Emirates has become a veritable tax haven for people looking for attractive employment; but especially for entrepreneurs who wish to avoid paying exorbitant taxes. 

Dubai attracts more and more entrepreneurs not only with its beautiful landscapes and its advantages, but also for its numerous business opportunities. The Arab Center for International Trade; Business; and banking allows you to obtain global coverage for your business. The local economy is constantly developing, which also leaves room for entrepreneurs who wish to act by setting up directly on site.

What Types Of Businesses Can Set Up In Dubai?low cost business setup in Dubai

UAE LAW allows foreigners to create three types of companies which differ in the nature of their operation and the laws that govern them. 

Depending on the choice of business type, a company will only be able to operate in international or local markets. In the latter case, you will need to find a local shareholder who will introduce you to the market. 

Let’s take a closer look at the different types of businesses that can be opened in Dubai.

The Offshore Company

This is the simplest form of company. It can be opened remotely directly online. In this case, the company director can hold 100% of the shares of the company. An offshore company can be set up very quickly, but there are some restrictions. 

For example, although the company is registered in the United Arab Emirates; it cannot provide services or sell goods to Emirati residents. The company is also not reauthorized to employ employees under an employment contract and is not entitled to obtain a residence visa.

Free Zone Company

This type of company can be opened in any free zone in the UAE and allows companies to benefit from almost unlimited access to the international market; and cooperation with area businesses. 

The creation of such a company requires a punctual presence in Dubai (6 months of the year minimum); so that the entrepreneur can keep 100% of his shares. In the case of setting up a business in the Dubai Free Zone; you can hire employees under an employment contract and obtain a resident visa.

The Local SARL (LLC) 

The third form of company is a local LLC. Many people living and working in Dubai choose to open their own business there. A company that provides services locally in the United Arab Emirates must, however, meet certain specific requirements. 

In this type LLC, it is necessary to have a partner who is a citizen of the United Arab Emirates. The latter, according to local legislation, must hold at least 51% of the company. The partner, also called Sponsor, most often only appears in company documents and does not participate in its operation. 

However, when creating a local LLC, it is worth making a careful selection of the shareholder, because under Emirati law, he will always have the tax advantage in the event of a dispute.

Process Of Setting Up A Low Cost Business In Dubai 

Choosing the type of business is not everything; because you still need to define the type of activity and obtain the appropriate license for your future activity. There are three main types of licenses in the United Arab Emirates: 

  • Commerce
  • Production
  • Services

The choice of license determines the scope of operations and development opportunities of the company. It is also worth remembering to choose a good economic zone. A tailor-made location can reduce the number of formalities and bring certain advantages. 

Streamlining Business Setup In Dubai

When setting up a low cost business in Dubai, it is worth calling on specialists. There are many French and foreign agencies that can assist you in your administrative procedures to register your activities in the United Arab Emirates.

However, setting up a business in Dubai is surprisingly simple since administrative and tax obligations are practically non-existent. Generally, this begins with a consultation with an analysis of your legal and tax situation. Many Emirates agencies are at your disposal to develop an individual business creation strategy directly on site; but you can also open a business on your own.

There are business creation companies in Dubai to facilitate your procedures. These companies have the advantage of often being established in the country and have extensive expertise based on several years of experience. This type of business creation agency also has the advantage of working confidentially.

Steps In The Process Of Setting Up A Low Cost Business In Dubai 

  1. Submission of company registration documents to Dubai for approval of company name; of the object; and the scope of its activity (reservation of the commercial name);
  2. Preparation of legal documents related to company formation in Dubai to obtain a business license;
  3. Submission of registration documents to the Ministry of the Economy;
  4. Submission of registration documents to the Ministry of Economic Development;
  5. Obtaining an establishment card ( licence );
  6. Medical visit for an analysis and health examinations;
  7. Opening a bank account for the company (not so easy step for foreign nationals in Dubai);
  8. Obtaining residence visas and Emirates identity card;
  9. Rental of an office or work space dedicated to the company.

The UAE offers two places to open a business for foreigners: in the free zone and outside of it. 

The main difference is in the division of property. Companies in the free zone are 100% owned by foreign nationals. For those established outside of it, 51% of their shares must belong to a person with an Emirati passport.


Dubai offers a favourable environment for entrepreneurs attempting to launch a low-cost Business setup. With options for offshore, free zone, and local LLC businesses, as well as streamlined administrative procedures and tax benefits, Dubai’s business environment is highly conducive to expansion. You can navigate the path to business success in this vibrant and dynamic city by carefully selecting the appropriate business type, license, and location, as well as by receiving expert guidance. Dubai offers a gateway to both regional and global markets and is ripe with opportunities for entrepreneurs willing to take the plunge and turn their ambitions into reality.

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