Who Called Me From This Number UAE

Who called me from this number UAE? [Proven Ways To Check]

Ever received a call from an unknown number and wondered, “Who called me from this number UAE?”

It must be frustrating when you continuously receive calls from unknown numbers. That time you may be wondering whether it is a genuine call or not.

This time at Godubaitoday.com, we are going to provide some useful resources that can help you figure out the original caller’s identity. But, before discussing that, you must know:

Why should you care about receiving unknown calls in the UAE?

Receiving unknown calls in the UAE, or anywhere else, can be a matter of concern for several reasons:

Privacy and Security: Unknown calls may pose a threat to your privacy and security. Multiple scammers and fraudsters often use phone calls as a way to gather personal information or engage in phishing attempts.

Financial Scams: Some unknown callers in the UAE may try to trick you into providing sensitive financial information or may attempt to scam you out of money. Thus, it’s important to be cautious and avoid sharing personal details over the phone.

Harassment Calls: Unknown calls might also be from telemarketers, spammers, or individuals who are engaged in harassing behavior. Everyone should block or avoid such calls to keep their peace of mind intact.

Legal and Regulatory Compliance: In some cases, there might be legal or regulatory reasons to be cautious about unknown calls. Following guidelines and being aware of potential scams can help you stay compliant with local regulations.

Protecting Personal Data: With the increasing prevalence of data breaches and identity theft, everyone needs to be cautious about unknown UAE calls as they might lead to personal data being compromised.

So this is all why you should care about receiving unknown calls. Now, all you need to do is to find who is calling you from the unknown numbers. To help you in this scenario, you can take help from the “Reverse Phone Number Lookup Services”.

These services are basically tools or online services that allow you to find information about a person or business based on their phone number. Skip the hassle of searching for a person’s name just to find their phone number. Instead, input the phone number and retrieve all the necessary information about the associated entity within seconds.

These services can provide various types of information, depending on what is available in public records and databases. Furthermore, in this informational blog, we are going to list some of the most useful reverse phone number lookup tools or services that can help you in finding information about the unknown caller.

07 Reverse Phone Number Lookup Services To Know Who Is Calling You From This Number In UAE

1. TruthFinder

TruthFinder is an online reverse number lookup service that provides users with access to public records and other information about individuals.

It’s a tool that allows you to search for details about people based on their names, phone numbers, addresses, or email addresses. TruthFinder aggregates information from various sources. Some of them include:

  • Public Records
  • Social Media
  • Online databases.

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Some Key features of TruthFinder

Background Checks: You can use this service to perform background checks on individuals to get information about their criminal history, education, employment, and other public records.

Contact Information: The service can provide contact information associated with a person such as phone numbers, addresses, and email addresses.

Location History: TruthFinder may offer a history of a person’s address. This will help you to trace their movements over time.

Social Media Profiles: It may also provide links to social media profiles associated with the searched unknown mobile number.

Public Records: This service will also provide access to various public records including court records and arrest records.

2. SyncMe

SyncMe is a mobile application that allows users to synchronize and update their contacts’ information with the latest and most accurate details. The app is designed to keep your phone’s address book up-to-date by syncing and merging contact information from various sources, including social media profiles.

The app often provides a caller ID feature that displays the name and additional information of incoming unknown callers even if they are not in your contacts.

You can also use this application to search for numbers by entering a phone number to generate a list of potential matches. It is a free mob app that lets you access multiple options for free.

Useful Features of SyncMe

Contact Synchronization: SyncMe helps you update and synchronize contact details by fetching information from social media platforms, such as Facebook and LinkedIn.

Spam Call Identification: Some versions of SyncMe include spam call identification features that make it easy for you to identify and block spam calls.

Contact Backup: The app may offer the option to create backups of your contacts to ensure that you can easily restore your contact list whenever required.

Profile Pictures: SyncMe can sometimes fetch and update profile pictures associated with your contacts.

3. Whose Number is This

Whose Number is This is one of the most incredible apps in the market that lets you check who is calling you from an unknown number. This reverse phone number lookup service can help you identify unknown callers or find out who has blocked their phone numbers.

You can use this service to retrieve valuable information about the owner of a number including their name and contact details. This app is perfect for those looking to uncover the identity of unfamiliar callers. It also helps to look up the registered owner of a number and even track the whereabouts of a cell phone with our convenient service.

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Different Key Features of this App

Phone Number Identification: The primary function of this app is to identify the owner of the given phone number.

Caller Information: It provides details such as the caller’s name, location (city or region), and sometimes additional information like email addresses or social media profiles as well.

Spam Detection: The app has the ability to identify and flag numbers known for spam, scams, or telemarketing.

User-Friendly Interface: Whose Number is This has an intuitive and easy-to-use interface for a smooth user experience.

4. Search Yellow Directory

Search Yellow Directory is a reliable reverse phone number lookup service that is specially designed to help users find information related to unknown calls. Search Yellow Directory has a vast database of phone numbers that helps you search for specific unknown numbers or addresses.

The service offers search results that are sorted by popularity which ultimately makes it easy for you to locate the most relevant searched phone numbers. Moreover, you can also customize your search results according to your preferences for a more personalized experience. This directory is available to everyone and free for all.

Key Features of Search Yellow Directory

Business Listings: It comes with a comprehensive database of business listings with information such as business names, addresses, phone numbers, and website URLs.

Search Functionality: You can this directory to search for businesses based on various criteria, including location, business type, or specific keywords.

Categories and Filters: It gives the option to categorize businesses and apply filters to narrow down search results.

Contact Information: This service provides detailed contact information for businesses with phone numbers, email addresses, and social media links.


SPOKEO is an online people search engine that collects publicly available information from various sources on the internet. It is not a typical social media platform, but rather a data aggregator that compiles information from public records, social media profiles, marketing surveys, and other online sources.

The platform helps you find who is calling you from unknown numbers in an easy and simple way.

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Key Features of SPOKEO

People Search: Here you can search for individuals simply by entering their name, email address, phone number, or username.

Contact Information: SPOKEO provides contact details of the entered number with addresses, phone numbers, and email addresses that are available online.

Social Media Profiles: Search results may include information from social media sites that provide insights into an individual’s online presence.

Location History: You may be able to access information about an individual’s historical locations based on available data.

6. Reveal Name

This app is an incredible reverse phone number lookup service that helps you find the real identity of that individual who is calling you from unknown numbers in UAE. It comes with a simple user interface that lets you effortlessly search for the caller’s details simply by entering their:

  • First Name
  • Last Name
  • Company Name.

The app can perform reverse phone lookups for unlisted and international numbers which makes it a versatile tool for identifying unknown calls.

Some Useful Features of Reveal Name App

Number Identification: The primary feature of the app is to identify the owner of the entered phone number.

Caller Information: It provides details such as the caller’s name, location (city or region), and sometimes email addresses as well.

Call Blocking: Just like SyncMe, Reveal Name also offers a call-blocking feature that lets you block calls from specific numbers.

Spam Detection: The app has the capability to identify and flag numbers known for spam, or scams.

7. CocoFinder

CocoFinder is a people search and background check platform that provides services such as reverse phone lookup, address lookup, and public records search. It allows users to find information about individuals based on their name, phone number, address, or email.

CocoFinder collects data from public records, social media, and other online sources to provide users with details about a person’s background.

Key Features of CocoFinder

People Search: You can use this service to search for individuals by entering their name, phone number, or email.

Background Check: CocoFinder offers background check services to provide information such as criminal records, court records, and other public records available on the Internet.

Reverse Phone Lookup: You can use this app to identify the owner of a phone number by entering it into the platform.

User-Friendly Interface: The platform typically provides a user-friendly interface for easy navigation and quick access to information.

FAQs related to Who Called Me From This Number UAE

Q: Whose number is UAE?

A: If you are curious about whose number is UAE, then simply remember the code “+971” as it is the country code of the United Arab Emirates.

Q: How can I know the owner of a mobile number in UAE?

A: It is a simple process. To check the owner’s name of a mobile number, simply dial “*248#” or call helpline number 100. If you are calling the helpline, just answer the security questions to verify your identity.

Q: Can I see who is calling me from this number?

A: To see who is calling you from an unknown number, simply use any of the above reverse phone search services. This will eliminate the hassle of dealing with the annoying fraudsters and robocalls.

Q: What is caller ID in UAE?

A: CNAP is a caller identification number that is mandatory for commercial entities and in line with the Digital Regulatory (TDRA) and Telecommunication of the United Arab Emirates.

Whenever a call is placed by a mobile phone, the entity’s name will be shown on the recipient’s phone.

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