Steak Restaurant in Dubai

The Best Steak Restaurant in Dubai You Must Try for  All Your Meat Cravings 

We all have that one day in our lives where only steaks can make us feel better. Don’t we? 

If you have that carnivorous craving, you are probably looking for the best steak restaurant in Dubai to try out. Living in this one-of-a-kind city, you will never run short of options to satisfy your hunger pangs. Whether it is an outing with your friends, or for a fine dining experience, there are endless spots where your steaks craving will get the right taste.

So if you are willing to try eating a big chunk of meat, you must try from the best in the city. It is not every day that you crave a piece of meat that is cooked and curated just the way you need it.

Best Steak Restaurant in Dubai

Spread around the city’s prime spots, you will find several mouthwatering steak houses that will make you go crazy! 

Going out for some steak treat? Don’t forget that you might have to spend a few hundred dirhams to get the taste of exactly what you have been looking for. Keep your tummy happy and satisfied with the list curated only for you. 

The best steak and grill house you must try in Dubai

For all your meat cravings, we have got you covered. Let us dive into the mouthwatering and tempting list of steak places that will make you go wow!


This restaurant will transport you to the charms of South America, with a countryside, farmhouse-style setting. The highlight of this place is the Open-grill concept, ‘Parrilla’ where you can relish the old-age traditional cuisine. The dark woody texture, dim light setting, brickworks around and the walk-in wine cellar, together add a unique theme to this place.


The steaks here will give you a taste that you will never forget in it life, definitely the best one to try in Dubai, and go again and again. The menu primarily focuses on meat that reflects the taste and style of Argentina. The selection of cuts for the meat offered here includes striploin, tenderloin, and even ribeye. You can pair the meat steam with tempting and tasteful sides, including fries, mushroom truffle, and even grilled asparagus. If you are looking for some authentic Argentina-styled meat, this has to be on the list.  

Prime 68

Prime 68 restaurant has to be an old but true gold spot in Dubai. It is hands down, the best steak restaurant in Dubai, that not only serves you delicious meat but a view to complement with. Located right on the 68th floor the steaks here are curated with modern flavours, and touch, with their signature sauces that are a must to try. One thing to know about this place is, that it is an award-winning steakhouse, so you can imagine the kind of meat they bring to the table.

Prime 68 Steak Restaurant in Dubai

Made from supreme quality ingredients, you will adore the taste that is meant for the new generation steak lovers. With all this, enjoy the breathtaking panoramas of the city, a thing to relish while having the best meal of your life. Enjoy a sophisticated dining experience as the meat here is premium supplied, selected by artisan, and cultivated with a passion to deliver the finest taste. All the steak that you try here is from the finest heritage beef from farms all around the globe. 

Bull & Bear

Experience of one-of-a-kind culinary experience at Bull & Bear, the most renowned and award-winning steakhouse. As you step into the restaurant, you will be stuck immediately with its stylish art decor, inspired by New York. The signature steak is a fusion of both modern and traditional flavours, with ingredients carefully crafted to refine your taste buds. Bull and Bear is known for its extraordinary dining experience that you have never seen before in Dubai.

Bull & Bear Steak Restaurant in Dubai

Whether you are looking for a sumptuous meal or want to indulge in an unrivalled dining experience, discover the magic of this place. The art decor here will transport you to the world of the 1920s while the modern-day cuisine will balance it all. Overlooking the mesmerising views of Burj Khalifa right in front of you, you are promised a spectacular time here. Taste the tempting Japanese Wagyu striploin, and the prime cuts along with Australian and New Zealand-styled beef. To sum it all up, jazz music will spark up your day so you will relish quality time with your loved ones. The city-style interiors make it a cool hangout spot for dinner dates with your loved ones. 


This is an excellent Australian steakhouse, a must-try spot in Dubai located at Anantara Dubai, the Palm. It has been a popular hotspot for dinner, decent dates, or hanging out with your friends, for your carnivore cravings. It is indeed one of the best steak restaurants in Dubai where you will find plenty of tasteful cuts to dig into. If you are fond of Australian beef, and lamb, or you are new and wish to try steak for the first time, this has to be on your list. A flavoursome taste that will make you go crazy, plus the rustic atmosphere is an impeccable experience in itself.

Bushman's Steak Restaurant in Dubai

Take your seat and this spot, be it indoor, or outdoor, gather with your friends, and indulge in a culinary experience, with a hearty portion, and feeling-full taste. The menu highlights some delightful Australian cold cut platters, smoked kangaroo, and specialty meats, a must to try out. Here is where you dive into the premier steakhouse of the city, a flavour that you must try at least once if you are a meat lover. 

Your Meaty Affair! 

For all your meaty affairs, these are a must-visit spot to indulge and relish every bit of your time. Now that you know the best steak restaurant in Dubai to try, what are you waiting for? Give your carnivore cravings a taste of the juiciest, most exciting meat flavours, and cuts that will make your experience one of a kind. Also note that this list is the most loved, and top-rated in the list, and you can also explore other options but first fulfil these.

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