Can Women Drive in Dubai
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Can Women Drive in Dubai? Know Everything Before You Drive

We often hear things about women’s rights in Arab countries that are different from men’s. One of the most common things we have heard around the globe is that women are not allowed to drive in some Arab regions. However, when you’re talking about Dubai, this is completely different. The city gives equal rights, and attention to both genders, with the freedom and will to do anything they desire.  So, can women drive in Dubai?

There are many women now who are pursuing a licence to roll in the city, while many already have it. This country, UAE has always been progressive than many other Arab countries and it can be seen in their rules and regulations. Dubai, the glitz and glamour, and modern skyscrapers not only tell us how modernised the city is but also portray how the city is advancing and breaking cultural norms. 

Can Women Drive in Dubai? The Reality

Yes, legally women are allowed to drive in Dubai. 

For ladies who are willing to get a licence and drive on the roads, you can do so without having to think twice. Dubai is indeed one of the most progressive cities in the world, which doesn’t differentiate on any gender.

In June 2018, the country lifted all bans on women driving, and since then the rule passed for Emirates women above the age of 18 to legally drive in the city.

Can Women Drive in Dubai

For driving in the UAE, it is compulsory like any other city to get a valid UAE driving licence. This process is pretty straightforward, all you need to do is find a reliable driving institute and there are multiple. Now, not only Emirate Women are allowed to take licences, but even expats living in the city. Women can also drive if they have a valid licence from their home country which is acceptable in UAE.

To get a licence, you need to

  1. Be at least the age of 18 to be legally allowed a licence
  2. Pass an eye test during the examination and the driving theory test as well 
  3. Complete all the driving class lessons with a certified instructor
  4. Pass a road test
  5. Obtain a car insurance

Can Women Drive in Dubai as a Tourist?

If you are a tourist who loves fancy and luxury cars, Dubai is the ideal spot to visit and experience driving on the road. The city has many car on rent spots where you can drive a Mercedes, BMW, Bugatti, Rolls Royce and much more. You don’t need to own these cars to take them on a roll. All you need is a valid International driving licence to get going.

Women Drive in Dubai as a Tourist
In this photo released by the Center for International Communication, Ministry of Media, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, a Saudi woman buckles up in a test car before doing a driving test at the General Department of Traffic in the Saudi capital of Riyadh, Monday, June 4, 2018. A total of 10 Saudi women made history on Monday when they were issued driving licences just weeks before the lifting of the ban on women driving in Saudi Arabia on June 24. Expectations are that next week an additional 2,000 women will join the ranks of licenced drivers in the Kingdom. (Photos by the Center for International Communication, Ministry of Media, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia via AP)

To pursue a licence, you need to give tests and follow all the protocols before. These tests are conducted in both English and Arabic language, and it is up to you to select as per your comfort. There is both a written exam and a practical driving test that you have to take to pass. Various driving schools in UAE provide training and lessons for both genders and gender and male instructors as well, for your comfort. 

In this city, you can drive using an International driving licence, which is acceptable for: 

  • USA
  • Oman
  • Kuwait
  • Japan
  • Turkey
  • Saudi Arabia
  • Polan
  • UK
  • South Africa
  • Qatar and so on, the list doesn’t stop. 

Huge Misconception about Women in Dubai

If you are a visitor or a tourist, you are often circumvented with misconceptions about women in Dubai. Since it is an Arab country that follows Islamic laws, we have assumed that it is strict, and the rules are enforced. To burst the bubble, Islamic laws aren’t suppressive, but modernised and reliable. 

Clothing in Dubai 

There is a widespread assumption that women in the Middle East need to cover their heads and live like unrepressed victims. However, the reality is pretty different, as women from any nationality, or culture have the freedom to wear whatever they like. There is no compulsion to cover their heads, but only in places where there is a need. Visiting a mosque or a holy place requires women to respect the religion, and cover every inch of the body. 

Safety in Dubai 

The city is ranked as one of the safest cities in the world, as there are rules that secure the well-being of every individual here. Women not only take the benefits of fundamental rights, but also enjoy the safety, and top-notch security offered here. Women can go out in the evening, for a stroll, or work purposes without having to worry about any safety issues. For harassment and other issues, there are strict rules of deportation, and jail time that can make people think twice before doing anything.

Safety in Dubai

There are female driving teachers, and female drivers, for those who wish to seek help or travel with only female professionals. A lot of women, living or travelling in Dubai are enjoying their life, the way they desire. From shopping trips, going out and exploring the city alone, to working in a corporate environment and so on. There are thousands of women pursuing their careers, seeking licences, and even focusing on career goals.

Dubai and Its Comfort for All 

Dubai is a diverse city, with people from all around the world, with different backgrounds, and cultures. It has become a liberal city that allows women to do everything that a man can do here and have the freedom they need. Can women drive in Dubai? Absolutely yes!

Can Women Drive in Dubai

Many people who assume that there are lots of restrictions for ladies, should know that it is the safest city in the world. You can live wherever you want, dress whatever your heart says, travel anywhere, and long for the perfect life.  

For driving in Dubai, as we discussed, you have the freedom to do it but with a valid licence. This city doesn’t restrict you, in fact pushes you to do more and excel in life. If you are planning to relocate here as a single woman, or just for the sake of tourism, you can feel free to visit any part of the UAE.

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