Dubai Police Clearance Certificate Sample 

How to Apply for Dubai Police Clearance Certificate Sample 

A police clearance certificate is also termed a Good conduct certificate, which indicates the person’s criminal record, and the status in which they reside. When living in the UAE, the certificate is issued by the police departments which indicates that the person is not an accused, or has no criminal record. It talks about the person in general, whether they can be trusted to visit a new country, for any reason. There are many Dubai Police Clearance Certificate Samples that you can check online and see what is expected from you.

When it comes to Crazy Laws in Dubai, obtaining a Dubai police clearance certificate from the officials can be a very challenging experience since you are unaware of how to go about it. This certificate is an important document that can verify that you have a clean criminal record, and is often used for employment, visa application, and further studies. While this certificate may not seem to be a mandatory element for obtaining all sorts of vistas, some embassies might ask, and therefore making the process smoother is necessary.

Dubai Police Clearance Certificate and its Purpose?

This is a document of good conduct, the name itself implies that it pertains to the individual’s criminal history. It is a necessary document especially when you want to enrol your kids in a school internationally. Or, when you are finding employment, or applying for a visa. As a part of employment, this certificate is used to screen the individual and also during immigration to visit countries like the UK, USA, Australia.

This document when attested will prove that you have not been engaging in any illegal, or antisocial activities. It is a symbol that depicts good conduct for various organisations, higher learning institutes, as well as government bodies. Police departments across the country can issue certificates that can imply that you do not hold any criminal record whatsoever. This legal document must be presented, and offered in an ideal condition, that specifies everything in detail and is also authentic. PCC may also be required for various legal purposes including when you obtain a license or any kind of permit.

What are the requirements for a Dubai Police Clearance Certificate? 

  1. Fingerprint report which is authentic and is attested by the UAE Embassy
  2. Recent passport-sized photographs
  3. A letter that says you have no criminal record
  4. A Copy of your passport
  5. Copy of last UAE visa
  6. Reason of why you are applying for PCC 
  7. Copy of Emirates ID

When you apply for PCC, you need to pay an application fee which is non-refundable if there is any mistake in the document. Thus, it is crucial to enter all the details correctly, and proofread it, to save your time and money.  Check the Dubai Police Clearance Certificate Sample online and understand the type of documents required from you. The purpose of this is solely to prove that the person does not come from a criminal background. Additionally, it also demonstrates that there are no criminal or illegal activities circling the individual. People can easily prove that they are responsible citizens and that they value moral ethics and good conduct.

Obtaining a Police Clearance Certificate in Dubai 

Wondering how to get a police clearance certificate from the UAE? If you are applying in Dubai, you need to visit the Dubai police website and then download the Dubai police clearance certificate form. If not online, visit their office and apply. You need to provide all the crucial information including the name, date of birth, nationality, as well as passport details. For more information on obtaining a police clearance certificate in Dubai, you can refer to the official website of the Dubai Financial Services Authority (DFSA).


You are then required to submit your fingerprint, which is the most crucial factor. Since fingerprints are unique to all individuals, and no two individuals can have the same, they will be tagged along with your identity. This can be done in the police station, or there are dedicated service centres that can help you. The fingerprint will add to your identity after a careful background check.


You will be required to pay for the certification in cash. The fee charged will be based on whether you are a resident in the UAE; or a non-rnon-residentshe reason why you are issuing the certificate as well.


Once you have carried out all the procedures, from document submission to application filling, and payment, the police will then process your details. After the settlement of the application and fulfilment of the requirement, the processing will be complete. The certificate will be ready for you, so you can either collect it or ask for a courier through an online application.


How long does it take to get a police clearance certificate in Dubai? The time frame for this depends upon the police, and it will vary based on the workload, urgency, and the information that you have provided to them. For collection of the certificate verification will be done, therefore you must keep your Emirates ID, or passport ready with you.

Making Use of the Police Clearance Certificate in Dubai 

We are now fully aware that the Dubai police clearance certificate is a form of safety for both the person and the community. It acts as solid proof of whether or not the person is reliable and trustworthy to enter a new country or join a new company. Obtaining a police clearance certificate in Dubai is a simple process once you know what is to be followed. When you complete the application, from fingerprints to documentation, payment, and processing, you can receive the certificate just in time.

Dubai Police Clearance Certificate Sample online can help you figure out what is expected from you when you are applying. It is a highly valuable asset that you need to keep secured and submit only when it is demanded. Individuals can receive this certificate very easily when all the documents are in place and ready to be submitted. Now that you know what is expected, make sure you go about the process with ease.

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