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How Minimum Investment Is Required To Start A Business In Dubai

Starting a business in Dubai is an exciting endeavor, but one of the most important issues that frequently arises concerns, that how much minimum investment is required to start a business in Dubai? Dubai’s dynamic and robust business climate attracts entrepreneurs from all over the globe. Understanding the general guidelines and financial requirements is essential for anyone seeking to embark on this entrepreneurial journey, as the specific investment amount can vary depending on factors such as business type, location, and industry. In this guide, we will discuss the minimum investment required to launch a business in the thriving metropolis of Dubai.

Understanding The Variable Costs Of The Minimum Investment To Start a Business In Dubai 

It is difficult to determine an exact amount for setting up a business in Dubai. Because the expenses depend on various factors. The object of the company, the legal form and the location play a decisive role. Furthermore, the rental costs, the expenses for legalisation and translation as well as the license fees for the founding documents are also included in the total costs. Minimum Investment Is Required To Start A Business In Dubai depends on your capabilities. Shareholders are advised to compare prices and not to be satisfied with the first offer. Here is a quick overview of the potential expenses:

Office rent: approx. 1180.93 dirhams

Flights to the emirate: approx. 1574.58 Dirhams

License fee: from 10156.01 dirhams per year

Registration costs: from 3542.80 dirhams

Notary bill: up to approx. 314.92 dirhams

Visa: maximum 6101.48 dirhams per person for 1 – 3 years

The Role Of Business Support Agencies In Simplifying Business Setup In Dubai

If you don’t want to deal with the bureaucracy in Dubai, you can contact an agency for help. The experts take care of the formalities and in return demand a commission on the proceeds. For longer contracts, the agencies’ percentage share of profits decreases over time. But be careful! Visa and license fees are not included in the price; these must be purchased separately. When attempting to avoid the complexities of traversing Dubai’s bureaucracy, it may be prudent to seek assistance from a third party. These professionals are familiar with the complexities of the business formation procedure and can manage the formalities on your behalf, saving you time and energy. It is essential to note, however, that agencies typically charge a commission based on your company’s profits. It is advisable to thoroughly evaluate the terms and conditions of such agreements, as the percentage share of profits can vary and is typically lower for longer contract durations. Certain expenses, such as visa and license fees, remain distinct and must be budgeted separately in your business plan, despite the fact that agencies can assist with a variety of aspects.

Free Zone Versa Mainland: Different Forms Of Formation

Basically, when setting up a company in Dubai, you have to differentiate between a Free Zone company and a Mainland company.minimum investment to start business in dubai

Free Zone Companies

If you want to step up your business in Dubai with minimum investment, you can do so through a FreeZone company and do not need a bank account in Dubai or a visa. The foundation then takes place in one of over 30 FreeZones (free trade zones); the conditions (e.g. accounting requirements) and the costs vary depending on the FreeZone. Basically, you should expect a flat rate of around AED 19682.20 – 39364.39, including company costs for the first year of business activity.

What Is The Requirements Of Free Zone Relocating Company?

If the company from any other country itself is to be relocated to Dubai and primarily serve international customers and only a few or no customers in the UAE, a bank account and a visa for Dubai will be mandatory. Anyone who also moves their residence to Dubai will not pay any income tax.

How Much Time It Will Take?

The founding can be completed very quickly if the documents are available (at least 3 days, usually less than a week). In addition to the tax exemption (also for your own income if you live in the UAE), there are other advantages: For example, there is no obligation to prepare annual financial statements, there are also no withholding taxes and there is generally no data exchange with foreign authorities.

Mainland Companies

Anyone who wants to do business (e.g. trading companies, industrial companies) or provide services (e.g. restaurant, beauty salon, etc.) in Dubai and primarily relies on customers from the UAE must set up a mainland company. Setting up a company is a little more complicated than with a Free Zone company and is tied to a corresponding license. Minimum Investment Is Required To Start A Business In Dubai may not zero but it is impossible.

This can be recognized in an imprint by the abbreviation LLC, which stands for Limited Liability Company. Private individuals and foreign companies can act as shareholders – at the same time an authorized managing director is appointed.

Distinction Between Trade And Service Centre In Dubai:

In Dubai, a fundamental distinction is made between trade/industry and the service sector. Companies in the area of ​​trade and industry are usually founded as an LLC (limited liability company), while service companies are always founded as a partnership (sole establishment). As a sole establishment, in some cases you also need a so-called local service agent, which costs a little money annually, but otherwise only causes little additional effort in running the company. In most cases, the license costs between AED 11809.32, and AED 15745.76 annually.

A managing director who is authorized to sign is always required; shareholders can be both natural persons and (foreign) companies. The allocation to the areas of trade and industry or services is also somewhat different than in Europe. For example, vehicle rental in Dubai is not a service, but is part of the commercial and industrial sector, as is the brokering of transactions.

Cost Of The Mainland Company In Dubai:

The costs of setting up a company are slightly higher at an average, also because of the license fee and the much more intensive advice required. As the owner of a Mainland company, you enjoy additional benefits such as unlimited visa privileges. As a (smaller) disadvantage, one should also consider the 9% high corporation tax for the Mainland Company that will apply from June 2023.


In conclusion, the minimum investment to start business in Dubai is a complex issue influenced by a multitude of variables. Whether you prefer the adaptability of a Free Zone company or the broader reach of a Mainland company, Dubai’s entrepreneurial landscape offers a variety of options. Although there are costs involved, careful planning, consideration of business type, and professional guidance can assist you in navigating the complexities and capitalising on the immense potential of this thriving metropolis. In the end, the minimum investment should not discourage aspiring entrepreneurs, but rather serve as a springboard for a prosperous business journey in Dubai’s dynamic and ever-changing business environment.

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