Emirates ID Fine Check in UAE Online

How to Check Your Emirates ID Fine in UAE.  2024 Guide

In UAE you must comply with all the rules and regulations to avoid any negative consequences of it. We are all aware of how important the UAE is with regard to its laws and fines, which can directly impact your time here. 

All the fines imposed on you are linked directly to the Emirates ID card, which is the identity card, an essential document for residents. With that, you may also be wondering how to check the Emirates ID fine. This ID serves to be proof of your identity in the country and is required for various government and private sector-related activities. 

It is not unusual for you to have a fine, especially when you are living in a foreign country, there are chances you may miss some rules and regulations here and there. For you to check the fines on your Emirates ID, we have curated a blog just for you. 

Emirates ID Fine Check in UAE Online

Every foreign expat shifting to UAE and working here, or either buying a home needs to get an EID for themselves. It is a mandatory document, proof of your residency, that you are eligible to work and live here without getting a visa. Both Dubai and Abu Dhabi have different websites to go to, to clear away your dues. You can navigate through the website of Abu Dhabi police fine check by Emirates ID:

Emirates ID Fine Check in UAE Online

If you are wondering how to go about your Emirates ID fine check online in UAE, the process is very simple. To confirm if you have any fines associated with your name, you need to follow some quick steps. 

Firstly, you have to visit the ICA Website, (Federal Authority for Identity and Citizenship): Here, open the web browser and visit the official ICA website.

In that, you need to select the tab named ‘Individual’ on the ICA website. This will help you access all the services available for individual residents in UAE’ 

Once you click the Individual Tab, you can locate and click on the option that states ‘Public Services’ 

Under the term Public Services, you will find an array of ID-related services, you can click on the ID services option in it to find your Emirates ID fines. 

In the ID services section, you have to select the option ‘Fine Enquiry’

Here, you have to put in your details of Emirates ID. Input proper numbers to get the right result displayed on your screen. Once done, you can click on the tab ‘Search’.

Emirates ID Fine Check in UAE Online

After you click on ‘Search’ the website will then display you the list of fines that are associated with your Emirates ID. You can have a view of all the fine details, including the reason associated with it, as well as the amount that you need to pay. 

If any fine is issued to you, complete information will be shown. Including the date, ticket number, location, the reason, the amount of fine as well as the exact time. 

Now that you know you have a fine, the last step is paying all the dues and clearing yourself from it. If there is no violation, it will be displayed on the screen that there is no fine. 

How to Check Fine Offline and Pay?

If you want, you can also look out for your fines through offline mode. You need to visit a customer care service centre and take along with you, your EID. Schedule your visit, prepare all the documents, locate the customer service centre, and present all your documents to them. They will do the needful for you, and inform you of the fine associated with your Emirates ID. Then and there, you can clear away your fines by paying the money.

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Why Do We Get Fines on Emirates ID?

Now that you know how to go about Emirates ID fine checking online, let us understand why you get fine in the first place. For various reasons, an expat can receive a fine on their Emirates ID; and it is directly linked to not complying with the government regulations. There are some common reasons why these fines may incur, let us explore the possibilities. 

Loss or Damage of ID

If in case you lose your Emirates ID or by any chance it gets damaged, you are required to immediately report it to the official. And, the next time is to apply for a quick replacement at the earliest. Failure to do so will also result in fines. 

Late Renewals of ID

Every ID comes with a dedicated set of periods, and once it expires, you must renew it at the earliest. Failure to renew it can lead to hefty fines, the more you delay it, the more the fine adds up. It is crucial to check the expiry dates on your ID to have an idea of when to renew it. 

Inappropriate Information

Providing false, incorrect, or partial information and documents when applying for your EID can lead to severe fines. UAE does not entertain any wrongful information, especially documents, that represent the core of your residency. 

Address Update

If in case you are travelling, or shifting to a new residence in the UAE, you need to update the address on your Emirates ID. A proper and legitimate address is very crucial, and if you want to update it, there is a specified time frame that must be followed. 

Violating any Rules

UAE is known for its strict rules and abiding by them is a must. Fines are usually imposed for violating any rules and regulations laid by the government, and it can impact your Emirates ID.

Some other reasons why you can be fined when living in the UAE

  • Jaywalking Violation
  • Visa related fines
  • Breaking any traffic rules
  • Transportation and Licence Fines
  • Breaking any COVID-19 rules
  • Fine imposed due to violation of Metro train or RTA bus rules
  • Any other types of Violations

Now that you know how to check Emirates ID fine, go for the entire process online. You can look out and check the details online and pay the fine on the spot. The only thing you need to do is follow the step-by-step process and everything will be cleared in no time.

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