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Sharjah Traffic Fine Check by Plate Number

Traffic fines in Sharjah implemented ensuring maximum road safety! Traffic violations in Sharjah not only subject to monetary fines, but also other penalties like black points leading to confiscation of a vehicle and license suspension! For instance, driving a car without a license in Sharjah can result in a fine of AED 500, along with 4 black points and 7-day car impoundment.

Visit the Sharjah Police website ( and go to the “Traffic & Licensing Services” section. There, you can find the “Fine Enquiry” service. Enter your traffic file number, license plate number, or license number to check for any outstanding fines.

Emirates Vehicle Gate (EVG):

Access the EVG website ( and log in to your account. On your dashboard, you can see a list of your outstanding traffic fines, including details like violation type and amount.

Sharjah Municipality website:

If your fines relate to Sharjah Municipality violations, head to their website ( and use the “Pay Vehicle Fines” service. Fill in the required details like plate number or license number to see your fines.

Driving in Sharjah comes with a responsibility to follow traffic rules. While unexpected situations can arise, it’s important to stay informed about any traffic fines you may incur. This guide will walk you through the simple steps on how to check your Sharjah traffic fines.

Checking Fines Online:

  • Head over to the Sharjah Police website
  • Look for the Traffic Services tab and select Traffic Fines Payment
  • Now, choose your preferred method for checking:
  • By car plate: Enter your vehicle’s plate number and click “Search.”
  • By traffic file number: Have your traffic file number handy and enter it in the designated field, followed by “Search.”
  • By license information: Provide your driving license details and click “Search.”
  • The system will display a clear list of any outstanding traffic fines you may have. This list typically includes details like the specific offense, location, date, and the amount owed.


Visit a Sharjah Police station:

Head to any Sharjah Police station and inquire about your fines at the service counter. They can access your information and provide details about outstanding fines.


To pay your traffic fines in time, you must be aware of their status. Checking Sharjah traffic fines is relatively easy as Sharjah Police governs the traffic fines in the emirate quite efficiently. You can use the following ways to inquire about the traffic fines you have to pay: 

  • The Sharjah Police Headquarters website
  • Emirates Vehicle Gate
  • The UAE Ministry of Interior website
  • Sharjah City Municipality allotted stations
  • RTA Centres in Dubai

Some of the most common methods to check your traffic fines online in Sharjah are:


Follow these steps for Sharjah traffic fines inquiry on the Sharjah police website:

  • Visit the official website of Sharjah police
  • Select ‘Traffic Fines’ under the ‘Traffic Service Tab’ to access the Sharjah Police Portal
  • You can check your pending fines by choosing any of the three options available – inquiry by car plate, inquiry by traffic symbol and inquiry by license information


You can also check your Sharjah traffic fines online by logging in to the Emirates Vehicle Gate website.

  • Register and create an account on the EVG website.
  • Check traffic fines in Sharjah using the plate number, ticket code number and license number of your vehicle.
  • Make sure you have checked all the right boxes. The selection of incorrect options may lead to false information.


The RTA website allows you to check your traffic fines in Sharjah. Just click the ‘Traffic Fine’ tab and enter your traffic file number to access the required information. Alternatively, you can use RTA service centres and kiosks to check your traffic fines in Sharjah.


The other major concern for you, if you have already committed a traffic violation, would be how to pay your traffic fine.

Online payment is the easiest and most convenient method to do that. You can pay traffic fines online via the app/website of Sharjah Police and Emirate Vehicle Gate, the Ministry of Interior website as well as via Sahl device.

To check and pay your Sharjah traffic fines on the Ministry of Interior UAE Website, register on their website. You must make an account on their official website to avail their e-services. Once it is done, just select the ticket and check your Sharjah traffic fines.

Not following traffic laws can result in hefty fines in Sharjah

Alternatively, you can opt for one of the various ways to pay the traffic fine in person. Visit the following offices to pay fines in person.

  • The Sharjah Municipality Headquarters in Al Manakh
  • The Sharjah City Municipality Centre in Al Khalidiya
  • The Public Parking Department building in Industrial Area 5
  • Tasjeel Village, on Sheikh Mohammed bin Zayed Road


In a bid to encourage safe driving practices, Sharjah police introduced traffic fine discounts of up to 35%. The discount is valid for those who make payment within 60 days of fine registration. Similarly, motorists paying traffic fines after 60 days and before one year can get a 25% discount. For more information on traffic fine discounts in Sharjah, read here.


The Sharjah traffic fines list is based on the different types of violations mentioned below.

  • Serious Traffic Violation
  • Speed Violations
  • Heavy Vehicle Violations
  • Parking Violation
  • Pedestrian Violation
  • Car Modification Violation

To learn about the penalties against each of the aforementioned violations, check out this list of Sharjah traffic fines.

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