How to Change Mobile Number in Emirates ID
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How to Change Mobile Number in Emirates ID: A Step-by-Step Guide

In the UAE, Emirates ID plays a vital role, it is your identity that speaks about your profession, as well as your residency status. It contains your personal information as well as your biometric details and can be linked to various services and transactions. This EID will be linked to your banking, healthcare, education, as well as your immigration status. 

Therefore, keeping your Emirates ID updated is a must, and an unskippable part as well. If you register for a service, there will be an OTP that generates your registered mobile number. In case you have changed or updated your number, it will be difficult to derive an OTP or to make use of any services.

Change Mobile Number in Emirates ID

If you are wondering how to change your mobile number in Emirates ID, here is a quick guide. For a seamless experience, it is advised to use your valid mobile number that is fully functional. This will help in avoiding any sort of confusion, as well as you can take the benefits of all the services needed. 

The Importance of Linking Your Phone Number with Emirates ID 

  • For the status of your EID application, or when you have applied for renewal or replacement, you will receive an SMS notification from the Federal Authority for Identity and Citizenship (ICA). 
  • There are many ICA’s online services that you can avail of and make good use of. This can include checking the validity of your EID requesting to replace your card, and updating personal details. 
  • You can use your mobile number for verification, or for any transaction that will generate OTP on your registered number. 
  • To avail of any government-related services or travel within the GCC countries. 

What is the Cost of Updating Your Mobile Number?

To change your mobile number in Emirates ID, there are no additional charges that you need to pay. However, in case there are instances where you have to visit the typing centre or any service centre for the process, there can be a specific fee to pay. This fee will depend on the location, as well as the service provider and it is not a compulsory charge. Now to change your mobile number in Emirates ID, there are a few steps that you need to follow.

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Changing Your Mobile Number Online Through the ICA App

Indeed, with the technology change, digitalization has truly impacted the way government services work in the UAE. Now, you can easily, smartly, and quickly update your mobile number in Emirates ID by doing it online. 

There is a dedicated ICA Smart Services website that helps you go through the process with ease. If you wish to know how to change your mobile number in Emirates ID using a UAE  pass, you can download the app and make the process seamless. 

  • First, visit the ICA website or open the app after downloading it to your smartphone
  • Put in your details by using your Emirates ID number, as well as password. If you have not made an account, you can do it by signing up and following the instructions. 
  • Once logged in, you need to go to the My Services section, and then choose the option that states ‘Update Mobile Number’
  • Now, you need to enter the new mobile number that you wish to update, and then click on Confirm. 
  • Then, you will receive an OTP on your new mobile number as a part of your verification process. 
  • Enter the OTP, and click on Submit, you will then receive a confirmation message on your new number. 

The process of how to change mobile numbers in Emirates ID free of cost is through online mode. All you need to do is follow the steps that show on your screen and you are done within a few minutes. 

How to Change Mobile Number in Emirates ID through Offline Mode

Those who are not tech-friendly, or facing any difficulty while updating their number through an online website/app, can proceed offline. For this, it is mandatory to visit a typing centre or government service centre, there will be officials who will help you update the details. 

  1. Firstly, you have to find the closest typing centre near you and fill out the application form to update your mobile number. 
  2. You will be required to provide the EID number, your old number as well as the new updated number, and Email ID.
  3. Since you are doing it offline, you will need to pay a specific fee charged by the service centre. The fee varies on the location and the service provider. 
  4. Later, you will receive a reference number for your dedicated request, it can be either through SMS notification on your old number, or your email ID.
  5. Through this, you can track your request status and be updated with the process. 
  6. Visit the service centre again after a week of submitting the request, and present the officials with your reference number, and the original EID. 
  7. They will then scan your fingerprints, as well as take a photo of you if necessary, for an identification procedure. 
  8. Receive the confirmation message on your registered phone number after the process is accomplished. 
  9. Remember to always keep your number updated to avail all the benefits. 

Updating Process is Your Choice 

The process on how to change a mobile number in Emirates ID is very simple. It can be done either online, or offline, and it is a very crucial part to access all kinds of services and transactions. Remember, in the UAE, EID is important as an identification card that speaks about you. The last thing a UAE resident would do is to compromise on this information and keep it outdated. 

For travelling around GCC countries, for availing government services and other uses, EID needs to be updated. If you are found putting false or wrongful information in the Emirates ID; you will derive fines as well. Remember that, the United Arab Emirates has various rules and regulations that you as a resident are required to follow. Now that you know the process, what are you waiting for? Go ahead and keep your registered mobile number updated. 

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